Normalization Places Fresh Pressures on the Spring Selling Season – Housing Market Review (May, 2021)

Housing Market Intro and Summary The Spring selling season looked like it started strong for new home sales. The data for April reveal a story evolving differently. Absolute inventories rose for both existing and new homes and yet sales declined. Housing starts also suffered a setback. Median prices of homes soared, especially for new homes, … Read more

Flashing A Mix of Signals Going into Housing’s Spring Selling Season – Housing Market Review (February, 2021)

Housing Market Intro and Summary A little over a month after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggested that the housing market would soon normalize, mortgage rates have increased and the stocks of home builders have generally gone nowhere. The National Association of Realtors projected much stronger growth in existing home sales this year than in … Read more

What Century Communities Said To Reignite the Home Builder Trade

“We are confident our positive trajectory will continue as not only did our fourth quarter net new contracts increase 45% over last year but we have seen our sales pace accelerate, with December up 54% and January increasing 77%. We are solidly positioned with a backlog of 3,439 sold homes, an increase of 66%, along … Read more

Stock Market Almost Overbought After Sweeping Away Bearish Signals – Above the 40 (February 5, 2020)

In a major display of buying power, AT40 (T2108) surged from 41% to 69% in just a week's time.

Stock Market Commentary Sellers beat a hasty retreat from the stock market as another bearish signal enjoyed a fleeting existence. The last bearish period lasted about three days. The previous bearish period barely survived a day. The stock market’s ability to quickly wipe away bearish signals is impressive. The buying force over the last week … Read more

Culture of Collapse: More Wipe-outs in Housing-Related Stocks

The grinding bear market in financial markets has quickly created what I am calling “A Culture of Collapse.” The collapse is on vivid display in the stocks of home builders and other related housing and construction stocks. I cataloged the collapse in housing-related stocks that took on dramatic form two days ago. The iShares Dow … Read more

Animal Spirits in Housing Stocks Trampled by Virus Panic – Housing Market Review (February, 2020)

The iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction Index Fund ETF (ITB) dropped 13.4% in a week but managed to bounce off its 200DMA support.

Housing Market Intro/Summary The short-term outlook for the housing market is clouded by the current global turmoil generated by the coronavirus. The housing data discussed below were all collected before the virus came to the forefront of the minds of Americans. While demand for housing in the U.S. should remain strong (and certainly times like … Read more

Century Communities Earnings Q3 2019: Strong Top Line Not Enough to Cover Question Marks

Overall Assessment I want to be bullish on Century Communities (CCS). Century Communities sports a recession-level valuation and a strong top-line growth profile. The company’s business model is solidly planted in the entry-level and lower-priced homes that are prime drivers of the current housing market. However, a negative cash balance, negative earnings growth (over the … Read more

Century Communities: Good Growth for A Cheap Price

Century Communities (CCS) just made a new all-time high and yet it is STILL a cheap stock. CCS sits at a 0.5 price/sales ratio, 1.1 price/book ratio, 10.7 trailing P/E, and 7.6 forward P/E. Home builders typically hit 1.0 price/book ratios at the BOTTOM of a recessionary cycle. The response to CCS’s latest earnings report … Read more

Century Communities Earnings Weigh As Hiked 2015 Guidance Gets Revised

Century Communities, Inc. (CCS) reported third quarter earnings on the evening of November 5th at the tail-end of a particularly challenging time for the stock. Going into earnings, CCS was down 35% from its 52-week and all-time closing high set in early September. CCS is still up 7.5% for the year, but the recent earnings … Read more

Century Communities Earnings: All About Atlanta Now

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on August 17, 2015. Click here to read the entire piece.) After regional homebuilder LGI Homes (LGIH) produced stellar earnings results earlier this month, I had high hopes for Century Communities (CCS) as well. CCS’s results for its second quarter were good, … Read more