The Future of Housing: The Senior Sell-Off Still Gives Way to Aging In Place

A month ago, Trulia published an article on the potential for renting out the spare rooms of Baby Boomers to millennials called “Boom-mates: How Empty Nesters Could Help Ease a Housing Shortage.” It was an interesting twist on the concept of multi-generational housing that generated a lot of related headlines. I took interest in the … Read more

When Your Best Is Not Good Enough: The James Harrison School of Investing I heard about this Instagram post on CNBC of all places. The article was brief and just reported the news. I was expecting some commentary directly linking this to financial markets. Seeing none, I will make my own link here. James Harrison is a linebacker in America’s National Football League. He plays for a … Read more

Millennials Are Poised to Deliver the Next Critical Juncture for the Housing Market

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on August 3, 2014. Click here to read the entire piece.) Demographic shifts can be key drivers of housing trends. To date I have spent more time examining the impact of aging Baby Boomers on the housing market than aging millennials, defined … Read more