Flashing A Mix of Signals Going into Housing’s Spring Selling Season – Housing Market Review (February, 2021)

Housing Market Intro and Summary A little over a month after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggested that the housing market would soon normalize, mortgage rates have increased and the stocks of home builders have generally gone nowhere. The National Association of Realtors projected much stronger growth in existing home sales this year than in … Read more

The Future of Housing: The Senior Sell-Off Still Gives Way to Aging In Place

A month ago, Trulia published an article on the potential for renting out the spare rooms of Baby Boomers to millennials called “Boom-mates: How Empty Nesters Could Help Ease a Housing Shortage.” It was an interesting twist on the concept of multi-generational housing that generated a lot of related headlines. I took interest in the … Read more

When Your Best Is Not Good Enough: The James Harrison School of Investing

https://instagram.com/p/6aXCJ2JFi5/ I heard about this Instagram post on CNBC of all places. The article was brief and just reported the news. I was expecting some commentary directly linking this to financial markets. Seeing none, I will make my own link here. James Harrison is a linebacker in America’s National Football League. He plays for a … Read more

Millennials Are Poised to Deliver the Next Critical Juncture for the Housing Market

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on August 3, 2014. Click here to read the entire piece.) Demographic shifts can be key drivers of housing trends. To date I have spent more time examining the impact of aging Baby Boomers on the housing market than aging millennials, defined … Read more