Bitcoin: Waning Interest Weighing Down the Price

The Price Action The excitement did not last. On October 25th and 26th, Bitcoin (BTC/USD) soared out of nowhere, and it interrupted my expectation for an imminent opportunity to accumulate for Bitcoin in the $6500-7000 range. That opportunity is finally here as a month-long slide accelerates. Wavering Signals from The Google Trends Momentum Check The … Read more

A Breakdown in the Google Trend Momentum Check Signaled A Bitcoin Breakdown

The “imminent launchpad” I expected for Bitcoin (BTC/USD) prices over a month ago quickly turned into a capsized boat. At the time, Bitcoin was pivoting around its 50-day moving average (DMA). In the week after my last post on Bitcoin prices and the Google Trend Momentum Check (GTMC), the GTMC broke the low from June … Read more

The Google Trend Momentum Check Points to Next Launchpad for Bitcoin

This weekly view of Google Trends for Bitcoin shows a steady uptrend featuring higher highs and higher lows since Bitcoin broke out in April.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) made a major peak on June 26th. Since then, the cryptocurrency has pivoted around its 50-day moving average (DMA). Three breakdowns of that line of support have been met with buyers which suggests to me that Bitcoin is consolidating a launchpad for imminently higher prices. The Google Trend Momentum Check (GTMC) supports my … Read more

Bitcoin Faces Important Price Test As Sentiment Wanes Again

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) faces down an important test of its uptrending 50DMA right at the round-number $10,000 level.

As Bitcoin (BTC/USD) pulls back again to the $10,000 level, there is a lot of news swirling to explain the sell-off. Google Trends still works as a way to cut through the haze on Bitcoin. Fresh Validation for The Google Trend Momentum Check When Bitcoin ended its last parabolic run on June 26, Google Trends … Read more

How to Use the Google Trend Momentum Check (GTMC) With Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) continues to provide great data points for using Google Trends to assess the sustainability of significant price movements. So many milestones have occurred in such a short period of time that I decided to name this process: the Google Trend Momentum Check or “GTMC” for short. The latest example of the GTMC occurred … Read more

Bitcoin Breakout: A 13-Month High Confirmed By Google Search Trends

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) broke out to a 13-month high this week, and Google Trends likely confirmed the move just like it confirmed the big April breakout. Google Trends provides an index showing the relative changes in the popularity of Google searches. On the same day that Bitcoin broke out, June 16th, Google searches on “Bitcoin” jumped … Read more

Bitcoin Price Action Burdened By Google Search Trends Indicator

Google Trends continues to serve as a relatively good guide for identifying buy and sell points in Bitcoin (BTC-USD). As the latest example, I used Google Trends to decide to take profits into what looked like over-extended price action on May 13th. The next day, Google search interest peaked. As a reminder, an extreme in … Read more

Bitcoin Price Gets Extreme Relative To A Surge In Interest

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is putting the Google Trends indicator to the test. The price of Bitcoin is surging at the same time this key indicator of sentiment is also surging (on a relative basis). Per the Google Trends hypothesis I have demonstrated over time, this surge in excitement is signaling an imminent reversal in the parabolic … Read more

Bitcoin Hits Milestone Yet One Indicator Looms As An End to Price Surge

The Price Action A little over a month ago I made the case for a sustained bottom in Bitcoin (BTC/USD) based on the price action combined with Google Trends. I stated the following hypothesis: “a spike in search interest confirms a strong change in price behavior.” The on-going uptrend since that point proves out the hypothesis in … Read more

Bitcoin Breakout: A New Multi-Month High As Interest Holds Steady

When I used Google search trends to confirm a buyable breakout and sustainable bottom in Bitcoin (BTC/USD), I created the following hypothesis: “a spike in search interest confirms a strong change in price behavior.” With Bitcoin breaking out again, the hypothesis now looks solid. The chart below shows Bitcoin jumping to a 5-month high that … Read more