A Stock Market Melt-Up With Shrinking Participation – Above the 40 (July 2, 2021)

Stock Market Commentary A stock market melt-up is in full effect. Investopedia defines a melt-up as “…a sustained and often unexpected improvement in the investment performance of an asset or asset class, driven partly by a stampede of investors who don’t want to miss out on its rise, rather than by fundamental improvements in the economy.” … Read more

A Stock Market Resigned to Chopping and Churning – Above the 40 (May 21, 2021)

Stock Market Commentary Last week delivered another key test of support levels for the stock market. The major indices passed their individual tests, but the week ended with no resolution. Bulls and bears are battling between short-term ranges that are chopping and churning traders. With the stock market resigned to this kind of chop, patient … Read more

Micro-Bubbles Slicing Through Overbought Trading Signals – Above the 40 (January 22, 2021)

Stock Market Commentary The stock market gapped up and never looked back in the wake of the Presidential Inauguration. Subsequently, buyers produced mixed follow-through for two days. Big cap tech defied the narrative of a rotation into value and industrial names by delivering the most convincing follow-through. A third drop from overbought conditions in a … Read more

How to Buy Jumia Technologies with Limited Risk

Jumia Technologies (JMIA), the “Amazon of Africa”, is up 191% since closing with a 19% 1-day, post-earnings loss on November 10th. The stock is at a 19-month high and has once again become a strong momentum trade. However, buying at these heights inherently comes with a lot of risk. At some point, the stock will … Read more

An Overbought Stock Market Faces Down the Stimulus Stalemate – Above the 40 (August 14, 2020)

Stock Market Statistics AT40 = 76.1% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs) (6th day overbought)AT200 = 46.3% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAs VIX = 22.1Short-term Trading Call: cautiously bullish Stock Market Commentary While the politicians in Washington D.C. play a game of chicken with the economy, the … Read more

Stocks Wind Back Up – Above the 40 (July 31, 2020)

Stock Market Statistics AT40 = 51.5% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs) AT200 = 35.6% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAs VIX = 24.5Short-term Trading Call: neutral Stock Market Commentary Major League Baseball (MLB) may be forced to wind back down, but stocks look like they are winding … Read more

Global X Nigeria Index ETF: Bargain Shoppers Pay A Visit

I have been waiting since September, 2018 for the next opportunity to buy back into Nigeria through the Global X Nigeria Index ETF (NGE). The moment for me to buy is finally here. NGE has printed all the encouraging signs of a tradeable bottom: A double bottom: August to October, 2019 at the all-time lows. … Read more

Jumia Technologies: January Effect or Sustainable Bottom?

A turn-around in a beaten down stock needs to start somewhere. In mid-September, I painfully put Jumia (JMIA) in the bearish column. The stock lost another 52% in just two months before finally bottoming. JMIA ended 2019 with a higher low and a higher high as part of a confirmed breakout above resistance at its … Read more