Bitcoin Frenzy: A Panicked Bottom Interrupts An Orderly Decline from All-Time Highs

Buy the crash. Sell the all-time high. Rinse. Repeat. This has been a time-honored trading strategy for Bitcoin that, in hindsight, has offered a very low-risk way of profiting form the manic rise of Bitcoin. Today, the famed cryptocurrency was down as much as 30% before bouncing back with a furious rally. The trading strategy … Read more

Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Mania Takes A Surprising Turn With LongFin Corp.

The trading in recent IPO LongFin Corp. (LFIN) may go down as iconic in this era of frenetic trading in almost anything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains. After debuting last Wednesday, December 13th at $5 and little to no fanfare, LFIN took off like a rocket two days later on the heels of news of … Read more