Stellar Cryptocurrency: Google Trends Confirmed A Top In Price

While Bitcoin (BTC) holds its recent low confirmed by a jump in Google search activity, I decided to look to see whether Google Trends correlated with another cryptocurrency. Stellar is a relatively new entrant on the scene. The cryptocurrency made a big splash at the beginning of the year by rocketing into the top 10 … Read more

LongFin Corp. Makes A Surprising Double Reversal

It is a good thing news releases do not yet go out as irreversible blockchain transactions. In yet one more bizarre story involving a cryptocurrency/blockchain company, LongFin (LFIN) issued a press release over GlobeNewswire that suddenly seemed to validate its recent price run-up. Several hours later, the company asked its audience to ignore that press … Read more

Bitcoin Price Extremes Once Again Follow Google Search Trends

The trading volatility in Bitcoin (BTC) is delivering a healthy number of extremes. These accumulating extremes are helping me build associations between Bitcoin price action and Google search interest in the cryptocurrency. The latest round of extremes delivered some eye-opening associations which could help traders in the near future. This week, on January 15th, Bitcoin … Read more

The Speculations of Morgan Stanley

The raging bull market has helped facilitate instant excitement any time a company announces a cryptocurrency-related project or product. Xunlei Limited (XNET) is one of several companies that have enjoyed such a boost. XNET soared from just over $4 to $25 in less than two months on the heels of crypto-news. Source for charts: … Read more

Bitcoin’s Latest Sell-Off Tests the Bottom Signaled By Google Trends

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) just experienced another large one-day loss…currently around 10%. Source: Yahoo Finance A week ago, sellers panicked and sent Bitcoin careening toward $10,000 as an orderly pullback from all-time highs suddenly became chaotic. Buyers quickly moved in and the cryptocurrency stabilized. Until last week’s low gets violated, I am … Read more

Bitcoin Frenzy: A Panicked Bottom Interrupts An Orderly Decline from All-Time Highs

Buy the crash. Sell the all-time high. Rinse. Repeat. This has been a time-honored trading strategy for Bitcoin that, in hindsight, has offered a very low-risk way of profiting form the manic rise of Bitcoin. Today, the famed cryptocurrency was down as much as 30% before bouncing back with a furious rally. The trading strategy … Read more

Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Mania Takes A Surprising Turn With LongFin Corp.

The trading in recent IPO LongFin Corp. (LFIN) may go down as iconic in this era of frenetic trading in almost anything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains. After debuting last Wednesday, December 13th at $5 and little to no fanfare, LFIN took off like a rocket two days later on the heels of news of … Read more