The Federal Reserve Hinted At Exuberance in Financial Markets

The Federal Reserve released its report on Financial Stability with an interesting emphasis on potential vulnerabilities from “elevated risk appetites”. The Fed included an evaluation of valuation measures. The report even called out “meme stocks” as part of its evidence. However, the report stopped short of calling the market outright over-valued. Instead, the Fed took … Read more

Yet Another Timely Lesson from Economic Exuberance

“One-Twenty Two” is a different narrative for students and fans of financial markets. This blog often examines the investing and trading implications of extremes in financial markets. By definition, an extreme condition marks a top or a bottom in prices and invites contrary thinking. For example, the cyclical concepts of “overbought” and “oversold” measure temporary … Read more

Rate Cut Promises Rescued A Stock Market Near Oversold – Above the 40 (June 7, 2019)

AT40 = 38.9% of stocks are trading above their respective 40-day moving averages (DMAs) AT200 = 44.8% of stocks are trading above their respective 200DMAsVIX = 18.9Short-term Trading Call: cautiously bullish Stock Market Commentary From opening at the edge of oversold trading conditions to closing on near panic buying, last week was a wild week! … Read more

Bitcoin Price Gets Extreme Relative To A Surge In Interest

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is putting the Google Trends indicator to the test. The price of Bitcoin is surging at the same time this key indicator of sentiment is also surging (on a relative basis). Per the Google Trends hypothesis I have demonstrated over time, this surge in excitement is signaling an imminent reversal in the parabolic … Read more

Bitcoin Reawakens: Price and Search Trends Signal A Sustained Bottom

I have finally jumped into the crypto-era. Bitcoin broke out into the first “convincing” and buyable technical pattern I have seen since the bubble burst over a year ago. Breakout Anyone who follows cryptocurrencies knows by now that Bitcoin (BTC/USD) broke out last week. The move was a powerful one that launched the cryptocurrency out … Read more

Google Search Trends Confirm the Bitcoin Run-Up

I am a fan of using Google Trends for understanding the dynamics of financial markets. I have specifically used it in the past for analyzing extremes in sentiment and trading on gold. Given Bitcoin’s latest historical surge – this time through $11,000 – I wondered whether Google (GOOG) searches were increasing alongside the price of … Read more

Ulta Beauty Gets Ultra Ugly

I first wrote about Ulta Beauty (ULTA) in early September, 2016 after it confirmed a bearish breakdown from support at its 50-day moving average (DMA). I never traded the stock and missed the entire recovery and 31% gain to the last peak and all-time high in early June, 2017. It took another bearish breakdown for … Read more

Housing Market Review – A Notable Change In Tone (August, 2017)

The last Housing Market Review covered data reported in July, 2017 for June, 2017. The month from there marked a significant change in tone for home builders. The change in tone starts with the iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (ITB) and its failure to hold support at its 50-day moving average (DMA) for the first … Read more

Chipotle Mexican Grill: A Quick Lesson In Trending

Last week, I thought a quick burst of morning buying in Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) was a potentially bullish sign for the hapless CMG. I anticipated buyers might finally be ready to stave off the relentless selling pressure. I even bought a call option and shares as a part of my speculation. So far, the … Read more

Forex Critical: Speculators In the Euro Last Did This Three Years Ago

Ahead of the second and final round of the French Presidential election, I noted a burst of euro-optimism. That optimism continued in the form of speculators turning net bullish on the euro for the first time in three years. Source: Oanda’s CFTC’s Commitments of Traders While this flip from bearish to bullish for the first … Read more