Shanghai Composite Remains Stuck Even As Investing In China Remains Popular

China’s Shanghai Composite Index plunged during most of 2008, bottoming at the end of October after a 68% loss. You could be excused for being unaware of the slow-moving crash at the time given all the hype about the summer Olympics in Beijing and the building excitement about investing in China as an “escape” from … Read more

First Solar and China’s Empty City of Ordos

In early September, First Solar (FSLR) signed a deal with Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China for a major solar farm project whose 4 phases will run until 2019. This week, FSLR and Ordos City signed a “Cooperation Framework Agreement” which… “…spells out additional project details and local support that advance the development of the 2 … Read more

More Voices for a Stronger Dollar

The Wall Street Journal printed a trifecta of articles to day that seem to cry out for the dollar to lift its head out of the sludge. Coincidentally (or not), the dollar rallied for its biggest one-day gain in almost three weeks. In “Uncertainty May Help Dollar“, analysts remind us that the economic recovery remains … Read more

Bucyrus Goes from Tepid to Bullish

After months of steady recovery and on-going increases in commodity prices, Bucyrus International (BUCY) has finally gone from tepid to bullish in its outlook. During August’s conference call, Timothy Sullivan, President & CEO, declared that “we’re not as pessimistic as most but we’re certainly not optimistic” and it is “anyone’s guess” what specific revenues and … Read more

Adjusting Portfolio to Latest Fire in Solar Stocks

September has been very kind to solar stocks as most have awakened from summer doldrums and slumber to rise with the rest of the soaring stock market. This new raging fire has motivated me to get more active in trading solar stocks as well, even as it has sometimes been very difficult to keep up … Read more

Trina Solar Takes Aim At First Solar

This past earnings season for solar companies was a general disappointment if measured by stock performance after the earnings releases although the season started with a bang when Sunpower (SPWRA) issued surprise guidance and generated a one-day, 29% pop in price. I wanted to review the conference calls of all the major, publicly traded solar … Read more

Chinese Solar Stocks Become More Attractive on First Solar Deal

First Solar (FSLR) wasted no time in securing a deal from China. One day after announcing the arrival of senior Chinese government leaders from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, FSLR announced that it had secured a major contract in Inner Mongolia. This 2 gigawatt desert solar power plant is exactly … Read more

Amidst A Growing Solar Trade War, First Solar and China Try to Play Nice

Even as angry and restive voices grow louder and louder for confronting the Chinese assault on the global solar market, First Solar (FSLR) is hosting a delegation of senior Chinese government leaders from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China to talk shop on solar. FSLR’s press release states that the delegation … Read more