Still No Clear Excess Of Enthusiasm for Buying Gold

Now that the bearish/selling signal for gold (and silver) seems ready to pass without incident, I thought I would take another look at a sentiment analysis on gold. Since little has changed in the three months since I concluded that skepticism towards gold remained high, I am taking a slightly different spin this time around. … Read more

Gold and Silver “Almost” Go Parabolic As Currency Wars Heat Up

Talk of currency wars have heated up as several events have converged to make the public increasingly aware of the on-going competitive devaluations around the globe. The increasing clamor came ahead of an IMF meeting Thursday and a G7 meeting this weekend where the topic of global trade and currency rates are hot topics. It … Read more

Gold Is Good, But Do Not Forget Silver

In December, Bernanke observed that gold prices reflected general commodity prices and did not indicate rising inflation expectations (in the U.S.). As gold makes new all-time highs, it is now outpacing many other commodities. Many commodities have declined sharply in recent weeks due to fears about the sustainability of global growth. Gold has diverged due … Read more

The Dollar Is Bad – Bad Meaning Good

“Tricks are for kids he plays much gigs He’s a big bad wolf and you’re the three pigs He’s a big bad wolf in your neighborhood Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good“ “Peter Piper” – Run D.M.C., 1986 from the album “Raising Hell” What was once bad is now good. Or maybe what … Read more

Market Sentiment Indicators Remain Mixed

“Mish” posted the latest chart from the Investor’s Intelligence Survey, and it shows that bulls are back up to 50% and bears have hit a new low for the year at 16%. (You can directly access two years of data using the chart tool at Schaeffer’s Investment Research). He also noted that bears have only … Read more