AUD/JPY: A Key Tell for the Week’s Post-War Bottom

The 15-minute chart of the Australian dollar versus the Japanese yen (AUD/JPY) shows the abruptness of the risk-off sentiment.

Last week’s geo-political drama had all the makings of an escalation to all-out war. A country incensed about the assassination of its top general lobbed missiles at airbases its enemy occupies in a neighboring country. Everyone braced for the typical response of attacking the sites that lobbed the missiles. With its borders breached by the … Read more

Forex Critical: Another Key Test for the Turkish Lira

The U.S. dollar versus the Turkish lira (USD/TRY) is testing 200DMA support after drifting through 50DMA support.

In late August, I wrote about a bad turn for the Turkish lira. Over two months later, the lira is around the same price levels in USD/TRY and EUR/TRY – two key pairs for the lira – but the path to this point has featured plenty of volatility. From a technical perspective, USD/TRY is testing … Read more

Betting the Swiss Franc’s Italian-Inspired Comeback Is Temporary

In mid-April I wrote expecting EUR/CHF to finally return to the old 1.20 currency floor set by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) years ago. Two days later, EUR/CHF did indeed hit 1.20….for all of a few hot minutes. For almost the past three weeks, EUR/CHF has plunged all over again as political turmoil in Italy … Read more

The U.S. Dollar Regains Momentum Against the Turkish Lira As Regional Tensions Escalate

The U.S. dollar index (UUP) failed this week (so far) to break out of its short-term downtrend. However, it is picking up momentum against select currencies. One case in point is the Turkish lira (USD/TRY). Source: Note that the 50-day moving average (DMA) flattened out a bit after the TUrkish elections but it never … Read more