Camping World Holdings: An RV Full of CEO Stock Purchases

The CEO Stock Purchases Camping World Holdings (CWH) is America’s “largest retailer of RVs, RV accessories and RV-related services” according to the company’s about page. CEO Marcus Lemonis is on a major buying campaign to load up HIS RV with company stock. These CEO stock purchases are large and frequent. As a result, I want … Read more

Camping World Holdings: Stock Attracts Insider Trades, Options Volume

Insider Trading The stock of Camping World Holdings (CWH) has rallied an astounding 438% off its March all-time low. Despite this 2-month comeback, the stock price still attracted the attention of Chairman & CEO Marcus Lemonis. Camping World’s leader spent a little over $50,000 to buy 2,444 shares of CWH stock on May 21, 2020 … Read more

Roku Sellers: How to Trade If Insiders Are Preparing for a Top

Roku (ROKU) lost 3.9% on news of insider-selling and stopped just short of the all-time high set in early September.

The Stock Performance Roku (ROKU) is up an eye-popping 402% in 2019 year-to-date. ROKU surged off a 13-month low in December, 2018, and the run-up included three straight very positive post-earnings surges. The stock hit its closing all-time high at a stratospheric $169.86 on September 6, 2019. Soon after that milestone, competitive news from Apple … Read more

Do Not Get Distracted By Insider Stock Sales at Toll Brothers

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on February 19, 2014. Click here to read the entire piece.) Back in 2009, I was as bearish on housing as anyone. For example, I wrote two pieces pointing to massive insider stock sales at Toll Brothers (TOL) as evidence that company … Read more

T2108 Update – February 10, 2012 (Volatility spike and insider selling)

(T2108 measures the percentage of stocks trading above their respective 40-day moving averages [DMAs]. To learn more about it, see my T2108 Resource Page. You can follow real-time T2108 commentary on twitter using the #T2108 hashtag. T2108-related trades and other trades are posted on twitter using the #120trade hashtag) T2108 Status: 83% (overbought day #28) … Read more

Insiders At Toll Brothers Continue to Dump Shares Ahead of Reported Housing Recovery

Five months ago, I flagged $45M in combined stock sales by the Toll brothers in their company’s stock. Since then, Toll Brothers (TOL) has been on a roller coaster ride: the stock was first up 15% from the time of my last post, then a two-month and 26% decline, and now a two-month 40% run. … Read more