A Show of Confidence: PulteGroup Reloads Buyback As Stock Hits Key Tests

Despite the seasonal trends working against PulteGroup (PHM), the company last week announced a major reload on its buyback program. PulteGroup increased its authorization from $262M to $762M. The quote in the press release emphasized how this action, along with other investments, expresses the company’s solid confidence in the business and the housing market: “Driven … Read more

Rate Hike Expectations Surge Into March Fed Meeting As Divergent Market Participation Looms

What a difference a month makes. On February 19, the S&P 500 (SPY) was taking a brief rest from a sprint off oversold conditions. The market for Fed Fund Futures had priced away any rate hikes for all of 2016. Ever since then, expectations have risen ever higher. NOW, the market expects the next rate … Read more

Marvell Technology Continues Fighting Its Downtrend By Increasing Stock Repurchases

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on December 19, 2012. Click here to read the entire piece.) For over two years, Marvell Technology Group Ltd (MRVL) has repurchased a LOT of shares. {snip} Indeed, even after spending $2.1B repurchasing shares, MRVL still has $2B sitting on the balance … Read more

Research In Motion Disappoints and Reports No Repurchased Shares for the Quarter

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha. Click here to read the entire piece.) {snip} Tonight, RIMM disappointed traders and investors once again with its latest earnings report. This time, it was not an outright miss on overall earnings or revenue guidance. {snip} Alas, RIMM built up enough expectations … Read more

Boring Week Waiting for RIM’s Buyback, But A Big Move Is Brewing

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha. Click here to read the entire piece.) The management at Research In Motion (RIMM) disappointed this past week as it appears they failed to launch the long-awaited buyback. Who can blame them? It was a week of dour headlines filled with yet … Read more

RIMM Doubles Down On Its Shares

As Research In Motion’s stock (RIMM) plunged the last repurchase program underwater, I speculated that RIMM would initiate another share repurchase program if the stock continued to go lower. It now seems that Research In Motion (RIMM) is indeed determined to prop up its stock with its hard-earned cash. During tonight’s earnings call, RIMM announced … Read more

RIMM Goes “All In” With Share Repurchase Program

Last night, Research In Motion (RIMM) released an earnings report that exceeded analyst expectations, produced strong guidance, and was well-received by the market. I took particular interest in RIMM’s share repurchase activity. RIMM used $775M to purchase 12.3M shares at an average price of $63 per share (full details noted in Seeking Alpha’s transcripts of … Read more

RIMM’s Weakness Persists Despite Initiation of Share Buyback

The weakness in the shares of Research In Motion (RIMM) persists despite the company’s apparent initiation of its share buyback program on November 9, 2009. Two weeks ago, I used intra-day trading action to suggest that RIMM launched its share buyback program. Overall daily volume surged for three days along with price. The stock then … Read more

Potential Early Evidence of RIMM’s Share Repurchasing At Work

RIMM officially began its share repurchase period on Monday, November 9. Since then, the intra-day trading seems to provide evidence that RIMM (or some other large buyer!) has gone to work purchasing shares. The chart below shows a 10-day chart of RIMM with trading broken into 30-minute blocks. The first 30-minutes of trading on Monday, … Read more

RIMM Is Not Likely to Spend $1.2B On Its Share Repurchase Program

On November 5, Research In Motion (RIMM) announced a buyback of up to $1.2B in shares starting November 9 and lasting for up to a year. When I read this announcement, I pounced on the stock the minute pre-market trading opened. This was quite a mental exercise for me because I had just closed out … Read more