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This page contains archives for the original One-Twenty site
(An archive of personal articles on financial markets including analyses you can use)
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2009 2009

Sep 07: One-Twenty Has MOVED to ONE-TWENTY TWO
Sep 03: Casual Dining Stocks Remain Stalled
Sep 03: Joy Global Surprised By China But Remains Wary of "Bumping Along the Bottom"
Aug 27: What Do Speculators Know from High Options Volume? (Part Three)
Aug 18: Bucyrus Is "Not As Pessimistic As Most, But Certainly Not Optimistic"
Aug 12: The Earnings Season Debacle That Wasn't
Aug 11: The Fed Will Likely Put An End to the Dollar's Relief Rally
Aug 04: The U.S. Dollar Breaks Its December Lows
Aug 02: First Solar Disappoints As Expected
Jul 24: Preparing for First Solar's Earnings
Jul 22: The Case for Dollar Relief Already Weakening
Jul 21: The Dollar May Get Some Relief from Fed's Official Exit Strategy
Jul 15: The Market Bounces Through the Bad News
Jul 09: Get Ready for a (Weak) Oversold Bounce
Jul 07: Early Earnings Warnings
Jul 01: First Solar Prepares for the Challenges of Changing Solar Markets
Jun 22: The Market Reminds the Fed to Keep the Easy Money Flowing
Jun 17: First Solar Is Still A Short
Jun 17: Another Character Change for the Stock Market
Jun 16: Testing the Uptrends In Solar Stocks
Jun 08: Joy Global Casts Doubts on Chinese Commodity Imports
Jun 04: Ford Achieves Higher Transaction Prices
Jun 03: S&P 500 Put/Call Ratios Turn Bullish Again to Begin A Precarious Summer Rally
May 30: Dollar Weakness Confirmed
May 28: Down Gaps Are An Increasing Share of Stock Market Losses
May 19: Initial Unemployment Claims Provide Poor Trading Signals
May 17: After One Week of Weakness, the Stock Market Changes Character
May 12: Do Not Dismiss the Unemployed Who Lack College Degrees
May 11: It Is Time to Sell First Solar Alongside the Insiders Who Are Dumping the Stock
May 10: The U.S. Dollar Is Topping Out...Again
May 08: Dr. Duru Becomes A Lagging Indicator
May 04: Up Gaps Are An Increasing Share of Stock Market Gains
Apr 26: The Percentage of Stocks Trading Above Their 200DMAs Nears A Recovery
Apr 19: Some Musings on Inflation Expectations
Apr 18: XLI April 20 Calls Win Big...By A Nose
Apr 12: Spring Home-Selling Is So Good that the Tolls Are Selling Too
Apr 10: Another Rare Technical Sighting: T2108 Over 90%
Apr 03: Overbought and A Little Less Bearish
Mar 30: I Prefer to Observe XLI Trading Action Here, Not Follow It
Mar 27: TIPS Erase First Deflation Panic
Mar 25: Spring Housing Season Begins with One Good Weekend
Mar 24: What Do Speculators Know from High Options Volume? (Part 2)
Mar 16: Still Being Paid to Wait on Intel
Mar 13: The Swiss Try to Shed "Safety" Status for the Franc
Mar 12: What Do Speculators Know from High Options Volume?
Mar 04: Joy Global Backs Away From Its Buyback
Feb 22: Oversold Again on the Way to "Point B"
Feb 17: As Housing Market Struggles to Turn, Homebuilders Focus on Survival
Feb 15: Learning From Stimulus Bill Made Difficult With Lack of Bipartisan Support
Feb 13: Dollar Up, Gold Still Up
Feb 09: Fresh from Davos, Nassim Taleb and Nouriel Roubini Summarize Their Warnings
Feb 04: Now I Can Get Interested in Goldman Sachs
Jan 30: NVE Corporation Is Still Around
Jan 21: One Day Away from Retesting 52-Week Lows
Jan 12: Proposal for Free Homes for Police Is Rich in Spirit, Poor in Practice
Jan 04: Using the Percentage of Stocks Trading Above Their 40DMAs (T2108) to Identify Overbought Conditions on the S&P 500
Jan 03: January Gains Delivered

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2008 20082008

Dec 30: Could December's Wash Be January's Gain?
Dec 14: Goldman Tears Down Infrastructure Stocks
Dec 14: Dollar Down, Gold Up
Dec 09: The Market Clings to the Latest Narrative of A Bottom
Dec 01: Keep Investing: Nothing to Worry About Here
Nov 28: Goldman Revisited
Nov 25: Looking for A Good (Bottom) Fishing Story
Nov 23: The Week Solar Was Left for Dead
Nov 19: A Bet on Goldman's Future
Nov 12: Intel Punctuates the Rollback of the Market's V-Move
Nov 12: The CEPR Attacks I.O.U.S.A. As A False Scare
Nov 08: Is Apple A Market Barometer? - Examining Jim Cramer's Claim
Nov 07: Anatomy of A Buying Panic
Nov 04: A Critical Juncture for the Market
Nov 03: What to Do Now with Solar Stocks
Nov 02: Private Equity Regrets
Oct 28: Looking for Something Different from Intel
Oct 27: Impact of SEC's No-Short List on Stock Prices
Oct 14: Still Watching the VIX Trend
Oct 12: America Will Print As Much As It Takes
Oct 09: Two Agricultural Companies, Two Different Views on Farm Financing
Oct 08: An Ominous VIX Obscures the Next Stock Market Bottom
Sep 29: A Credit Hostage Crisis
Sep 28: Buying the Paulson Panic
Sep 25: Bush Makes the Case for the Mega-Bailout Without Owning Any of Its Causes
Sep 24: Selling in Energy Conversion Devices May Be Overdone With Senate Passage of the Investment Tax Credit
Sep 21: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are Now "Banks"
Sep 21: Year-To-Date Performance of the SEC's No-Short List
Sep 19: The Nth Oversold Bounce As the Government Hunts for Shorts
Sep 18: The Nth Oversold Watch - and A New Target for the S&P 500
Sep 15: Commodity-Related Companies Fight Back with Buybacks
Sep 14: Earmarks Don't Waste Taxpayer's Money, Politicians Do
Sep 10: Solar Fallout
Sep 08: Staring Again At 1200 on the S&P 500, the Government Again Tries to Intervene - including more commentary on global growth
Sep 03: Solar and Oil, Part Deux
Sep 01: Solar Breaks Its Dependence on Oil
Aug 22: A Review of I.O.U.S.A. the Movie
Aug 19: Toll's Housing Bottom
Aug 12: Is It Time to Sell the Bear Bounce?
Aug 11: Gartman is Goldless, and I Still Itch for Commodities
Aug 06: The Bear Reaches for Commodities
Jul 31: Bear Market Bounce Check-up - including solar and gold
Jul 17: The S&P 500 Hits the 1200 Target. Now What?
Jul 13: Solar Shorts Continue to Rise Even As Oil Surprises
Jul 07: Does the VIX Need to Spike at A Climactic Low?
Jul 06: Solar Plunges with the Market
Jul 01: One Small Win for Inflation Fighting - CSX vs DD
Jun 29: The Psychology of the Triple Bottom
Jun 28: Why I still Hold Gold
Jun 24: First Solar Earnings Run
Jun 22: The S&P 500 Is Struggling and Peaking
Jun 20: Second Try for Evergreen Solar
Jun 11: Solar Warnings
Jun 10: Queen Meredith
Jun 09: Housing Damage
Jun 02: Stubborn Housing Shorts
May 26: Chart Warnings
May 24: Trading Around May
May 21: Recommendations for a Bubble-Popping Fed
May 12: Inflation Expectations Are Not Well-Contained
May 04: Bull Advantage
Apr 28: The Perfect Fed Setup and Greenspan's Agony
Apr 18: Market of Rags and Riches
Apr 13: Bear Rally Confirmed
Apr 02: Bring Back the Bang
Mar 30: Week's Summary: In With A Bang, Out With A Whimper
Mar 25: The Housing Bubble Has Reversed - And Then Some
Mar 19: Roll with the Bounce and the Currency Printing Presses
Mar 17: Bear Stearns Tears
Mar 13: Spitzer's Twenty
Mar 12: CAT Pounces On Growth and Leaps Out of Recession
Mar 11: Roll with the Bounce
Mar 09: House of Horrors
Mar 09: Next Up: S&P 500 to 1200
Mar 02: Why I Write
Feb 27: Chiru: Don't Be Too Quick to Believe It
Feb 17: The Suspense Continues
Feb 11: One Year of Subprime
Feb 07: Chop, Chop
Feb 07: Abanadon All Hope
Feb 03: More Signs of Stagflation
Feb 01: Worst Month in 18 Years, But...
Jan 30: Google Swoons As Retailers and Homebuilders Bounce
Jan 28: Risks Are Increasing
Jan 24: Of Turtles and Swans
Jan 19: Oh Fed, Help Us!
Jan 13: Cisco vs Intel - and other stock stories (Boeing, Best Buy, U.S. Steel, and Countrywide Financial)
Jan 10: The Nth Recession Scare
Jan 01: An Unusual Start to Trading for the New Year

2007 20072007

Dec 31: S&P 500 Performance on the First Day of A New Year
Dec 23: Undersaving Still Driving the Economy
Dec 11: Rally Undermined
Dec 06: Rally Underway
Nov 28: Fed Delivers A Wink and A Nod
Nov 27: Revisiting the Evidence of A Tiring Bull
Nov 25: Best Buy
Nov 20: The Market's So Bad, It's Good
Nov 11: Worthless Dollars Flushing Out the Bulls
Oct 28: Divergences Deepen, Bulls Stand Firm
Oct 21: The Fed Cares About Headline Inflation
Oct 21: Boom/Recession Divergence - Does CAT's Recession Warning Make Sense?
Oct 17: Divergent Market
Sep 29: Reflation Around the World
Sep 24: Financials and Transports Join the Fed Fade
Sep 24: 2007 Update for Post-Labor Day Analysis
Sep 21: The Fed Fade Continues: Homebuilders and Retailers
Sep 20: The First Signs of A Fed Fade
Sep 19: The Fed Gives the Market Credit
Sep 17: Fuss Fizzles on the Jobs Report? - also, Brokers and CFC
Sep 10: The Fed Will Be Forced to Cut...and THEN What?
Sep 03: Apparel Stock Dress Down - and other related observations
Aug 15: A Big Bounce Coming, But Then What?
Aug 08: Google Making A Move
Aug 08: While the Fed Waits Out the Credit Bubble, Countrywide Pounces
Jul 27: Give This Market Credit
Jul 22: Interest Rates Headed Back Down?
Jul 21: Still Hard to Be A Bull
Jul 20: Google Spunk
Jul 19: Google Disappoints
Jul 17: Pair Trade Updates - Homebuilders and Brokers
Jul 11: Prince Tells the DJ to Keep Playing His Favorite Song
Jul 04: Brokers Printing Money
Jul 01: So Much Bad News - And We're Still Not Saving
Jun 30: Bearish Reset on Housing
Jun 27: Homebuilder Capitulation
Jun 24: Economic Data Tries to Cap Rate Surge (a missive do-over!)
Jun 17: Economic Data Saves Downward Trend in Rates
Jun 12: Housing Deflation Growing Roots - MTH, SPF
Jun 11: Finally A Week to Be Bearish
Jun 05: Again No Spring Savior for Housing - HOV, KBH
Jun 01: Inflating the Index with Worthless Dollars
May 31: Has Hype on Gas Prices Reached Fever Pitch Levels?
May 28: Vision Check-up - BOL, EYE, COO
May 26: Building Drama - BLG
May 23: Housing Trade Update
May 23: Next Break-out Candidate: GILD
May 22: Anatomy of Another Break-out: TNE
May 21: Is Amazon Ready to Break Out Again?
Apr 29: Housing Rally Continues
Apr 28: Show Me, GOOG
Apr 22: Housing Stocks Have Bounced
Apr 18: New Highs Worldwide
Mar 29: US Steel Steps Up As A Buyer for Lone Star Technologies - Oil and Steel Remain Strong
Mar 29: Despair Finally Visiting the Doorsteps of the Homebuilders
Mar 22: Big Ben Brings A Bouquet of Bounty to the Doorstep
Mar 13: Is the Consumer Finally In Trouble?
Mar 09: Another Technical Strike Against GOOG - including Dorsey decries the "adoration phase" of the market
Mar 06: Homebuilder Stocks Are Officially 'Broken'
Feb 28: Private Equity Prays the Hardest that the Market Has Not Topped Out - including CSCO, XHB
Feb 27: Memories of the Greenie Daze - including Best Buy (BBY)
Feb 23: Buy the Bad Housing News Fails Again
Feb 23: Google's Struggles Continue
Feb 22: While No One Cares About Inflation, Commodity-Related Stocks Rise Anyway - LSS, VMC, Gold, CAT, CMI
Feb 05: Driving the Economy with Negative Savings Rates
Feb 02: Google Options Should Be Sold, Not Bought
Feb 01: Following the Fed's Finding of a Strong Economy
Jan 29: Interest Rates Still Going Down
Jan 22: Big Ben Strikes Midnight for the American Economy
Jan 17: Saudis Know Oil
Jan 07: More Homebuilder Warnings Taken Seriously - Hovnanian, Lennar

2006 20062006

Dec 31: Don't Forget the Saudi Bubble
Dec 21: Flat Panel Hype Takes Best Buy for a Roundtrip
Dec 19: Almost A Year of Nowhere for Google
Dec 13: Best Buy Disappoints As Expected
Dec 10: Two Trillion Dollars
Dec 01: Papa Housing Bear Goes Into Hibernation
Nov 29: What Complacency? (including another look at GOOG)
Nov 27: The Freedom to Discuss the War In Iraq Freely
Nov 27: Worrying About Inflation - Again
Nov 22: One More Eyesore - Advanced Medical Optics
Nov 17: Your Main Guide for the Current Fed Cycle
Nov 14: Still No "All Clear" From Housing CEOs - Notes from UBS Conference
Nov 12: Another Dotcom Bust Payout
Nov 04: Retail Madness: Jobs Report, BBY, and WFMI
Nov 03: The NASDAQ Chugs Along Again
Nov 02: Is It Time to Buy GOOG Yet?
Oct 23: GOOG vs CAT Redux
Oct 22: More Bad News for the Bears
Oct 15: Finally, A Warning Taken Seriously - Centex
Oct 09: On the Way to the Optometrist
Oct 06: One Bright Light In Housing - Brookfield Homes
Sep 24: What Happened to - MSCC, CAT
Sep 21: Looking Past the Slowdown to the Green On the Other Side
Sep 12: Stubborn Bulls, Frustrated Bears - Accumulated Topics (additional review of the post Labor Day trading, BBY, CAT, China, BOL, options backdating scandal and BRCM
Sep 12: Another Delayed Reaction on Lone Star Technologies (LSS)
Sep 12: Hovnanian Conference Call - And A Look Back At Housing Bubbology, 2005 Style
Sep 10: Gasoline Freefall
Sep 06: Rally Done
Sep 05: The Importance of the Post Labor Day Trade
Sep 04: Silver Comeback
Sep 02: Close Enough to the Rally's End
Aug 26: Toll Brothers Sticks to the Long View - Staying Brave and Remaining Optimistic On the Housing Market
Aug 19: Skeptical of Productivity Study On Fantasy Football
Aug 17: Rally's Next and Final Stage
Aug 16: Investors Herded Back Into Lone Star Technologies (LSS)
Aug 16: Rallying Over the Fed Hurdle - Quick Technical Review
Aug 13: The Consumer Lives On - Retail Sales Still Strong
Aug 10: Perfectly Awful Storm Building - The Latest Pinpricks for Housing
Aug 09: Another Roundtrip for Lone Star Technologies (LSS)
Aug 08: The Fed's Not Done Being Done
Aug 04: Homebuilder Execs Cry Uncle
Aug 04: Homebuilder Shorts Run for Cover
Aug 02: Shorts Press Bets Against Housing
Aug 02: The NASDAQ No Longer Chugs Along
Jul 28: Slowing Growth, Persistent Inflation
Jul 14: There Goes Another False Fed Rally
Jul 09: Another Technical Review of Valero
Jul 07: Small Builders Choose to Fight
Jul 06: Another Oil vs Oil Stock Divergence
Jun 30: A Rally for Stagflation - The Market Gets the Fed Wrong Again
Jun 29: Review of Letting the Despair Ride: CMX, RSAS, VTSS
Jun 28: Trying to Ignite A Rally
Jun 23: The Oversold Oil Patch
Jun 22: Japan: From Support to Resistance
Jun 16: Now What?
Jun 15: Get Ready to Rally - Sort Of
Jun 12: Has the Fed Already Squashed Speculation and Inflation?
Jun 06: Fear of Sustainable Growth
Jun 05: Analysts Finally Sniffing At Bausch and Lomb Again
Jun 05: No Spring Savior for Housing
Jun 05: While We Wait for the Next Fed Drama - Links to Some Timely Articles
May 30: More Signs of the Tiring Bull - A Look at Valero (VLO)
May 24: Options Backdating is the New Overhang
May 23: Eulogy for the Housing Stocks
May 22: Letting the Despair Ride: CMX, RSAS, VTSS
May 21: Looking for a Silver Lining
May 17: Guidemap for the New Market Madness
May 17: Maximum Confusion for A Time of Transition
May 15: Evidence of A Tiring Bull?
May 12: The Downtrend Continues for Homebuilder Stocks
May 08: Letter from Ahmadinejad of Iran to Bush of America -"Just Wanted to Say Hello"
May 08: Is Bausch & Lomb Oversold?
May 02: Despair Deep in the Silver Mines
May 02: A Lot of Noise and No Information - Are We Tired of Reacting to the Fed Yet?
May 01: $400 for Google Again!??! Already?!?
May 01: Bottom Falling Out of the Housing Bottom - Meritage vs Centex
Apr 27: Big Ben Battles Despair From China - Is It Already Time to Buy Oil Back?
Apr 26: Time to Get Contrary on Oil? - Bush Tries to Talk Down the Market
Apr 21: Bring Back the Google Parade
Apr 21: Don't Begrudge the Billionaire His Billions
Apr 19: Making the Case That No Housing Bubble Exists (includes another Dr. Duru special assessment of the latest Fed-speak)
Apr 18: More Oily Explanations
Apr 16: Tickling Threes Redux - Gas Prices On Fire Again
Apr 08: Japan Breaks Out - Forget the Crash
Mar 30: Popping Bubbles In Saudi Arabia
Mar 29: Even Google Knows $400 Is Magic - the floodgates of stock open again
Mar 28: Nothing New - The Fed News Is No News
Mar 23: Deal Or No Deal: The Banker Wants to Buy Out the American Autoworker
Mar 12: The Despair In Google Deepens
Mar 08: Low Inflation Explained
Mar 06: Higher Rates Make for a Slippery Bottom for Housing Stocks
Feb 28: The Despair In Google
Feb 28: A Steel Pick Revisited
Feb 27: When Cramer Steps Up to Support A CEO
Feb 24: Toll Brothers Grades for Various Housing Markets
Feb 24: When A CEO Steps Up To Save His Stock - Sherwin Williams and the Lead Paint Problem
Feb 23: The Bottom Is Here for Housing Stocks - Unless... (A Review of A Week of Drama)
Feb 22: Earnings Fades Signal Fading Market
Feb 21: Intel Aside
Feb 20: Fueling Bubbles In Saudi Arabia
Feb 19: Best Buy Is Taking Radio Shack to the Woodshed
Feb 15: 30 Days and No Crash In Japan
Feb 15: Housing Stocks Continue Trying To Bottom - Now KB Home Admits Bad News
Feb 13: Some Housing Bargains Still Exist in the Western World
Feb 13: The Fed Nudges Resources Downward
Feb 11: Get More Houses On the Cheap
Feb 10: The American Consumer Is Still Not Done - The Latest News from Best Buy
Feb 10: A Steel Pick Validated
Feb 08: Toll Brothers Taxes Homebuilders (includes details of conference call)
Feb 08: A High Price to Pay for Prosperity
Feb 05: Peak Negativity In Housing Stocks
Feb 02: OK, It's Only 7%
Jan 31: The Fed Has Now Served Notice to the Resource Boom
Jan 31: It's Only 12%
Jan 30: If Only I Got Your Shares Cheaper - Follow-Up On PLCM and PLAY
Jan 26: Cheap Houses Explained
Jan 26: Where Is the Inflation?
Jan 24: Google Defense Stands Firm
Jan 23: So That Is Why Steel Has Been Strong
Jan 23: Testing the Google Conviction
Jan 21: Deep in the Despair
Jan 18: 15 Minutes and No Crash in Japan
Jan 18: Let the Despair Begin
Jan 17: Get A House On the Cheap
Jan 12: Buy the Dips
Jan 10: Get Back In the House
Jan 09: The NASDAQ Just Keeps Chugging Along
Jan 03: Wait Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes

2005 20052005

Dec 16: Thoughts for Ending the Year
Dec 8: The Bears Have Nothing Else To Do But Buy Gold
Dec 7: Sell Your Shares So I Can Get Them Cheaper
Nov 30: Dr. Duru Has Moved Into the Housing Bubble
Nov 15: S&P Hits Up the Wrong Internet Stock
Nov 8: Another Confession from the Housing Bubble
Nov 8: Google @ $400: Now What?
Nov 2: Even Housing Is On Fire Again
Nov 1: Right Back Up - But 2001 Still Calls
Oct 27: Fell Right Out of Bed
Oct 26: So Tired
Oct 24: No More Greenie Babble
Oct 23: Diverging Economies: GOOG vs. CAT
Oct 10: Markets On Edge
Oct 5: Aimless and Restless
Oct 3: The Fed As Foe
Oct 1: S&P Bets On Housing
Sept 29: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game
Sept 19: The Search for Rate Relief
Sept 18: The Search for More Energy Capacity Is On
Sept 17: Suddenly A Sense of Accountability
Sept 6: Suddenly A Flood of Cash
Sept 6: Again With the Conundrums
Aug 31: Recession Looms…Or A Really Big Rally Is On the Way (Includes a Review of the Past 12 Months)
Aug 30: The Housing Boom Will End
Aug 24: The Wrong Solution
Aug 23: TicklingThrees
Aug 22: A Blip In Demand for Gas
Aug 7: Fear of A Strong Economy, Again
July 23: Tough As Steel
July 23: Ramping Against the Bears
July 7: More Conundrums on the Way
July 5: One Gimmick After Another
July 4: More Bubble Room
July 4: Some Potential Implications of Program Trading
July 4: Steel Bubble?
June 19: Back At 2100
June 5: 2100 And Out
May 22: There Is No Housing Bubble Unless There Is One
May 19: Finally Something A Little Different
May 16: If Some Hedgies Are Blowing Up, Bring On the Dynamite
May 4: The Fed Chickens Out
May 1: The Slow Unraveling of the Big Debt Society
April 21: 10K Does the Trick
April 20: True Bear Market Action
April 17: Playing Chicken With the Fed
April 12: Getting the Fed Wrong Again
April 11: Wiping Away a Decade of Pain
April 6: How Many Times 1999?
April 4: Manic Market (Makes No Money)
March 21: As Tech Goes, So Will the Market
March 15: We Got One! - Complacency Over
March 2: Time Ticking Away On Complacency
February 13: Painful Complacency
February 6: Complacency Between Earnings
January 23: Welcome to the Second Term
January 10: A Weak Bounce
January 9: Ready to Bounce?
January 5: $24.45 Happier
January 4: Over Before We Got Started
January 2: Can't Get Real About Deficits

2004 20042004

December 20: Getting Real About Jobs
December 15: Greenie Raises Rates, and All Is Well
December 9: Wherefore Art Thou, Semis?
December 8: Another Day, Another Dollar
December 6: Keep Spending AND Borrowing
December 5: The Madness of Markets
December 5: Gold Rush Down
December 4: Intel Redux
December 1: Go Intel!
November 24: Has NVE Finally Been Exposed?
November 20: "Forget "Meanie Greenie": Keep Spending!
November 14: …And the Bears Whisper Back: "Just Watch the Dollar"!
November 9: What Now Bears?
November 4: Spend Away
November 1: Never Mind What the People Think
October 19: Spitfire
October 5-15: Guest starring at for the next week or so. Click here for my intro on this highly esteemed site And click here to see Mike actually giving me permission to "deface" his site! :D
September 29: One Signal Stands Out
September 12: Mixed Signals
September 3: Intel Does It Again
August 29: Greenie Is Still Bubble Blind
August 29: The Market Has Voted
August 12: The Dell Promise
August 10: Splat
August 2: Real Patriots Buy Savings Bonds
August 1: What a Month!
July 19: No Wonder the Market Is Stunned
July 17: The Intel Warning
July 8: Who Is Holding Up the Show?
July 6: Setting Up for the Pre-Election Rally
July 4: The Market Forgot to Read the Script
June 28: One Down, One More to Go
June 26: Numb
June 21: Holding On Until June 30th
June 12: Taxes Are for Fools
June 3: Has the market priced in the threat of terrorism?
May 31: From Bad to Good
May 17: Mr Bull, Meet Mr. Bear
May 10: Woah, Nelly!
May 8: All Systems Say Down
May 8: Kerry By A Landslide
May 2: Fear All At Once
April 29: Inflation is no good for the average consumer
April 26: Google IPO = Market Top
April 16: Fear of A Strong Economy
April 8: In Harm's Way
March 22: Fear of Being the Last Seller
March 20: Time for a Bounce - Or Else
March 13: And Suddenly Terrorism Is No Longer A Threat
March 11: Panic at 5-10%
March 10: The Tech "Wreckoning"Leads the Way
March 6: Where the Jobs Are
Feb 23: First Bullet Through
Feb 21: A reformed bear but not yet a full bull
Feb 21: Dodging Bullets
Feb 14: The Fed Fears Not
Feb 6: Fear of Jobs
Feb 5: Fear of Bush
Jan 29: Fear of the Fed
Jan 18: Peel Pride Away
Jan 10: Things are happening and can get better (yet another piece in response to yesterday's poor job numbers)
Jan 8: Off and Poppin
Jan 2: Be wary of the Prophets of Saint Hindsight

2003 20032003

Dec 16: The "Gettin' It" Follow-Up: The Final Push
Dec 15: We Got Took
Dec 9: What's Next
Dec 5: Rejected
Dec 1: Surprise Visits
Nov 14: Better luck next time
Nov 13: Now watch for the upside surprise
Oct 30: That one was for Greenie
Oct 20: The mutual fund scandal continues to get bigger - ugh!
Oct 12: The bubble-logic dares to perk up again and some thoughts on the bloodless coup in Cali
Oct 5: The up-trend remains intact, but…
Sep 28: The final disgrace
Sep 24: "Expect Less From Wall Street; You'll Earn More" (title borrowed)
Sep 2: The verdict may be in
Sep 1: The perils of prognostication - a missive turning point
Aug 29: "August Fireworks? History Says Yes" (title borrowed)
Aug 26: "It's A Good Time to Buy" (title borrowed)
Aug 23: Dow theory telling us a new bull market is now underway
Aug 21: The set-up is almost complete
Aug 7: Time for review
Aug 6: The bulls are running out of bullets
July 27: Holding on --- for dear life?
July 8: One more step closer to making Duru a bull
July 8: Reflation Time
July 7: Blinded By Science
June 29: "The Expansion Isn't Where It Should Be" (title borrowed)
June 8: Breathless or Out of Breath
May 29: The market that continues to amaze
May 12: And the beat goes on: Buy with reckless abandon!
April 22: Could it be…?
April 15: On the edge again - "Guileful Guidance Targets the Gullible"
April 2: Moody for the Wrong Reasons
March 16: Stocks are higher risk over the long-term than we think
March 13: Neither Rhyme Nor Reason
March 12: Finally an encouraging sign from DC
March 10: One more peg to go…?
Feb 18: Could defense stocks be telling us something?
Feb 14: America poised to get poorer?
Feb 5: January - oh so contrary, yet so familiar
Jan 27: One more prelude: The picture of the major indices
Jan 27: A Pivotal Week?
Jan 23: Internet stocks making a comeback?!?! Some hope in tech?!?
Special TraderMike Links
'The Lessons of A Day Trader' - One of TraderMike's best posts ever. Anyone who trades equities should read this...and follow the trail of links too (August 20, 2005). On April 26, 2006, he published his results to-date. On June 6, 2006, he explained how he works. And, finally, a very revealing article about the man behind the site!

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