How My Doubts About Stimulus Were Eased – A Little

I decided to take the plunge and read “How the Great Recession Was Brought to an End” by economists Alan Binder (Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial Professor of Economics, Princeton University) and Mark Zandi (Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics). Binder and Zandi conclude that the various stimulus programs and creative use of montary policy over the last … Read more

The Secular Decline in Total Capacity Utilization

Graphs depicting economic data can convey different meaning to different people. For example, several models exist to explain economic growth and the variables important for forecasting economic performance. My most recent experience with this dynamic occurred after reading John Maudlin’s latest treatise on the deflationary threat facing the global economy (free subscription required). I remain … Read more

Nucor Corp: “The Segment of the Economy We Serve Is Not Improving”

“…we do not believe that real demand…has really improved much since the end of last year, and we don’t see things in the economy from a flat roll standpoint or long product standpoint whether you’re talking automotive, construction, housing, non-residential construction, oil county[sic] goods or what have you, we don’t see that there is a … Read more

Strong Currency Extends Bank of Canada’s Forecast for Full Recovery

Yesterday, the Bank of Canada decided to maintain its exceptionally low interest rate of 0.25% and reiterated its commitment to hold rates this low until the end of the second quarter of 2010. This move stands in stark contrast to the rate increase implemented by Canada’s similarly resource-rich “G20 cousin” Australia just two weeks ago. … Read more

No New News on Negative Rates from Bank of England’s Meeting Minutes

This morning, the Bank of England released its minutes from the September meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee. From my reading, it contained no new news on the prospects for negative interest rates. The “relief” from the minutes has so far lifted the pound against the euro, the U.S. dollar, and even the yen. I … Read more