Acacia Communications: A Cautionary Tale of Early Secondaries and a Concentrated Customer Base

About 18 months ago, I made a bearish case for Acacia Communications (ACIA) based on the timing, pricing, and nature of a secondary stock offering that was sandwiched between ACIA’s optimistic earnings guidance and subsequent news that major customer ZTE Corp. significantly reduced its guidance. The stock has never been the same and has drifted … Read more

Longfin: The Bizarre Crypto-Stock Story That Reached Astounding Extremes

Source: CNBC Ever since LongFin Corp. (LFIN) soared astronomically four days into its stint as a publicly traded company, I have been fascinated by the story. At the time I covered the story, I wrote: “The trading in recent IPO LongFin Corp. (LFIN) may go down as iconic in this era of frenetic trading in … Read more

San Juan Basin’s Plunge to Historic Lows Looks Like An Opportunity for the Patient

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on June 11, 2012. Click here to read the entire piece.) In several past pieces on natural gas this year (for example, “Exports Of Liquefied Natural Gas Add To Evidence Of Bottoming Natural Gas Prices“), I have offered San Juan Basin Royalty … Read more