Shorts Keep Up the Pressure on Jinko Solar

Short interest in Jinko Solar (JKS) increased at its fastest pace ever, almost doubling in the two weeks from October 29 to November 15, 2010 from 1.1M to 1.9M shares. When I last pointed out the soaring short interest in JKS, I was hoping this increase was a contrary indicator based on what I thought … Read more

Tallying the Damage in Solar Stocks and Sifting for Opportunity

Thursday’s stock market sell-off could finally be the start of the sharp Fall correction I have speculated about in various forms for months now. The extent of the technical damage and the heavy distribution of stock certainly seem to have put a ceiling on stock prices for now. Solar stocks were heavily hit as speculative … Read more

Options Traders in ReneSola Switch from Calls to Puts

It seems traders in ReneSola (SOL) are moving one step too slowly. Options traders loaded up on Oct 7.5 calls earlier this month, only to be greeted with last week’s news that SOL’s revenues would come in a little light based on weaker than expected pricing. SOL also announced a fresh offering of 14.4M in … Read more

Watch the Trading Reaction to ReneSola’s News

I added ReneSola (SOL) to my solar portfolio for the first time as a speculative play based on heavy call volume at the October 7.5 strike. I do not know what those call buyers expected, but certainly today’s news is typically not conducive to bullish feelings in the next month or so: an acquisition, issuance … Read more