ReneSola’s Earnings Momentum Accelerates in Q3

Integrated solar manufacturer ReneSola Ltd. (SOL) reported strong earnings results Friday morning. The summary from the company’s presentation says it all: SOL’s push downstream into the module production business has had a very positive impact on the business. Revenue and earnings growth accelerated in the third quarter. (Click for a larger view – I highly … Read more

Trading Volume Soars for Solar Stocks But Leaves Prices Behind

Prices soared for solar stocks in September. In October, volume has soared…but prices have swung sharply downward after a very strong start to the month. In most cases, solar stocks have lost all their gains for the month and then some. This trading action is creating buying opportunities, especially where uptrends and/or critical technical support … Read more

Escalation of Trade Disputes with China Hits Solar

A fresh buying opportunity may finally be unfolding in the solar sector. In Tech Trader Daily on Friday, Eric Savitz broke news that the U.S. government is launching an official investigation into alleged unfair trade and investment practices by the government of China in green technologies. Across the board, solar stocks were slammed in reaction … Read more

A “Stealth Rally” In Solar Stocks

OK, by “stealth” I really mean I have not paid close enough attention to the rallies in several solar stocks. 2010 has been a year of true divergence for solar stocks. Some solar stocks have been in year-to-date rallies and others have been declining all year. The net result is an awful -25% year-to-date performance … Read more

Looking for a Charmed Third Time with ReneSola

I am always on the hunt for trading opportunities in solar stocks. For a third time, ReneSola (SOL) appears to be a long opportunity. My previous two attempts failed as I bought calls instead of shares. Purchasing shares instead of calls would have left me flat at this point. I am looking for a charmed … Read more

Tallying the Damage in Solar Stocks and Sifting for Opportunity

Thursday’s stock market sell-off could finally be the start of the sharp Fall correction I have speculated about in various forms for months now. The extent of the technical damage and the heavy distribution of stock certainly seem to have put a ceiling on stock prices for now. Solar stocks were heavily hit as speculative … Read more

Options Traders in ReneSola Switch from Calls to Puts

It seems traders in ReneSola (SOL) are moving one step too slowly. Options traders loaded up on Oct 7.5 calls earlier this month, only to be greeted with last week’s news that SOL’s revenues would come in a little light based on weaker than expected pricing. SOL also announced a fresh offering of 14.4M in … Read more

Assorted Thoughts and Trades for September 25, 2009

Today has been a wild day in the financial markets, and I almost hesitate to jot down my thoughts before the close of trading. However, I will be shutting things down to get the weekend started as soon as possible, so I am writing now while thoughts remain fresh. There is no one theme I … Read more

Watch the Trading Reaction to ReneSola’s News

I added ReneSola (SOL) to my solar portfolio for the first time as a speculative play based on heavy call volume at the October 7.5 strike. I do not know what those call buyers expected, but certainly today’s news is typically not conducive to bullish feelings in the next month or so: an acquisition, issuance … Read more

Adjusting Portfolio to Latest Fire in Solar Stocks

September has been very kind to solar stocks as most have awakened from summer doldrums and slumber to rise with the rest of the soaring stock market. This new raging fire has motivated me to get more active in trading solar stocks as well, even as it has sometimes been very difficult to keep up … Read more