Flowserve Loses All Its QE2-Inspired Gains

Late August has become a benchmark for the success of the Federal Reserve’s last money-printing campaign given at that time Chairman Ben Bernanke first floated the suggestion that another round of quantitative easing (QE2) was on its way (see speech at Jackson Hole, WY, August 27, 2010). I am also using this date as a … Read more

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Germany to scrap nuclear power by 2022 – Sky News Germany on Monday became the first major industrialised power to agree an end to nuclear power in the wake of the disaster in Japan, with a phase-out to be completed by 2022. Chancellor Angela Merkel said the decision, hammered out by her centre-right coalition overnight, … Read more

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Energy Dominoes From Japan | Alternative Energy Stocks Rising oil prices and increased attention towards the risks of nuclear energy in the ring of fire will increase alternatives to conventional energy production. As our mistaken assumptions about the security and sustainability of traditional energy sources fall like dominoes, alternative energy businesses become more and more … Read more