A Stock Market Positioned to Win A Battle of Sentiments: Taxation Versus Economic Optimism

On August 20, 2015, I wrote “A Broad and Bearish Breakdown for the Stock Market” that described a converging set of indicators which flagged short-term bearish conditions in the stock market. The post happened to precede the August, 2015 flash crash by two trading days. It was one of those moments when the technicals worked … Read more

Invesments Into Commodities Surpass Record from 2006

If inflation expectations remain “contained” why is a record amount of money pouring into commodities this year? Indeed, there is nothing like a rapidly increasing global supply of paper currency to drive interest in hard assets and push prices upward. Reuters summarizes a recent research report from Barclays on investment flows into commodities: “Barclays Capital’s … Read more