Cord-Cutters Rejoice: AT&T Unleashes the Data

A little over three months ago, I complained that AT&T (T) had greatly increased the cost of cutting the cord. At the time, AT&T delivered a notice to customers informing them of caps on internet usage. Customers exceeding caps for their respective plans would pay an overage fee: “Beginning on May 23, 2016, we will … Read more

AT&T Greatly Increases the Cost of Cutting the Cord

AT&T (T) has apparently lost patience with customers who forgo TV packages to stream content with internet-only service. The company’s newest pricing model greatly increases costs for these “cord-cutters.” On April 29, 2016, I received an email from AT&T (T) announcing a dramatic change to the company’s internet service. No longer will AT&T tolerate unlimited … Read more