British Pound Continues Printing New Multi-Decade Lows Against Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is my favorite currency. I have remained very bearish on the British pound since first writing about the currency last September (yes, there actually IS a currency I dislike more than the U.S. dollar!). For whatever reason, it only recently occurred to me to pull up a long-term chart comparing these two … Read more

Bank of England Highlights Benefits of Currency Depreciation

The Bank of England (BoE) released its “Inflation Report” on November 11, 2009. This was my first time ever reviewing the report and watching BoE Governor Mervyn King in action as he coolly parried with reporters during the press conference covering the report. The latest Inflation Report frequently references the benefits of the depreciation of … Read more

The Bank of England Confirms Weakness in the UK’s Economy and the Benefits of A Weaker Currency

Yesterday, the Bank of England left its interest rate at 0.50% and increased its program of quantitative easing by £25 billion to a total of £200 billion. The British pound immediately rallied on the news against all major currencies – apparently, analysts already expected the increase and were afraid the BoE might actually increase quantitative … Read more

Disappointing Economic Data Send the Pound On A Roundtrip for the Week

The British pound has taken some sharp twists and turns since first hitting 4-month lows against the U.S. dollar on September 28. I have been steadfast in my bearishness against the pound since mid-September, but I have found it necessary to dance in and out of positions given the persistent decline in the dollar against … Read more

Governor King Steps Out of the Way of the Pound

Moments like these remind me how swiftly the tides can change in foreign exchange. The minutes from the Bank of England’s meeting in October showed that all members now support leaving quantitative easing at its current level of 175 billion pounds. This unified support marks a change in particular for Governor Mervyn King who earlier … Read more

Paul Fisher QE Commentary Sparks Relief Rally in the Pound

Small comments can spark big moves in the currency market. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Giles of the Financial Times posted a summary of his interview with the Bank of England’s head of markets and quantitative easing Paul Fisher. Fisher rejected the notion that the Bank of England has made a conscious effort to direct future exchange … Read more

Assorted Thoughts and Trades for September 25, 2009

Today has been a wild day in the financial markets, and I almost hesitate to jot down my thoughts before the close of trading. However, I will be shutting things down to get the weekend started as soon as possible, so I am writing now while thoughts remain fresh. There is no one theme I … Read more