Can the Dollar Rally On A “Cautious QE” and Strong Denials of A Dollar Devaluation Strategy?

Since peaking in June, the dollar has arguably experienced a near freefall. These moves reflect the near certainty felt amongst investors and traders about the Federal Reserve’s intention to print more currency to forestall the threat of deflation. However, with dollar shorts at their highest levels in three years and the dollar index stalling at … Read more

Geithner “Doesn’t Understand” How Bankers Can Earn Such Large Bonuses

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner did not sound like much of a Treasury Secretary as he tried yet again to speak about the financial pains of the American people and express empathy. In a CNBC interview with John Harwood, Geithner claims he “doesn’t understand” how bankers can earn such large bonuses given these dark economic times … Read more

Officials Continue to TALK Up A Strong Dollar As the WEAK Dollar Continues to Hurt U.S. Trade Partners

Probably one of the longest running jokes in the financial markets is the amount of time U.S. officials spend talking about their support for a strong dollar while taking no action to actually support a stronger currency. On Monday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made a rare contribution to the bluster by stating his own … Read more