Saving Money On Cable Part Two – Surviving the Challenges of A Cord-Cutter

Over four months ago, I wrote about my nascent experience with cutting the cord, aka dumping my cable subscription in “Saving Money On Cable – Inside the Experience of A Cord-Cutter“. I have learned a LOT since then. I can now refine my recommendations with this summary of my experience and learnings. Cutting the cord … Read more

Saving Money On Cable – Inside the Experience of A Cord-Cutter

It was early August, 2015 and Disney (DIS) had just created a ruckus by addressing “cord-cutting” and admitting softer than expected results at ESPN. Cord-cutting is the practice of cancelling subscription or pay-tv services like cable TV in favor of cheaper alternatives (including not watching TV at all). There is also growing interest in “never … Read more