Could Nuclear Power Crowd Out Solar in Arizona?

During his State of the Union address, President Obama sent a cheer amongst Congressional Republicans when he announced (confirmed) his support for nuclear power as a source of clean energy. Obama followed through with his promise when he announced last week $8 billion in loan guarantees for building two nuclear plants by Southern Company in … Read more

First Solar Guides In-Line and Disappoints Again

Solar investors and traders know the post-earnings routine all too well by now: 1) solar company releases earnings, 2) after hours trading initially sends the stock up on stellar headline results for the last quarter, 3) and then trading sends the stock into negative territory once guidance rolls across the tape or during the conference … Read more

Buying Into First Solar’s Record Short Interest Ahead of Earnings

First Solar (FSLR) reports earnings tonight, and short interest is at a record high. Data from Latest update January 29, 2010 This short interest represents about 36% of FSLR’s float. Toss in negative news flow and for the first time in a long time, negativity is running extremely high going into FSLR’s earnings. As … Read more

Fishing for Daylight in First Solar

Bottom-fishing is always a risky business, but sometimes it is worth a try. This is the case with First Solar (FSLR) which has printed several profitable bottoms in the past two years. After dropping for 11 consecutive days, FSLR finally managed to close with a gain on Tuesday. The 3% increase came on volume almost … Read more

Amidst A Growing Solar Trade War, First Solar and China Try to Play Nice

Even as angry and restive voices grow louder and louder for confronting the Chinese assault on the global solar market, First Solar (FSLR) is hosting a delegation of senior Chinese government leaders from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China to talk shop on solar. FSLR’s press release states that the delegation … Read more