Solar Swings: Sept Soaring to Oct Peaking to Nov Selling

After the stock market’s sharp rally off the March, 2009 lows, most solar stocks stopped appreciating by that summer. For the remainder of the year, they experienced wild swings up and down in price in quick succession. In the summer of 2010, it appeared prospects had finally turned around for the better for solar stocks … Read more

Fresh Opportunities in Solar Stocks As They Reverse September’s Heady Gains

Rallies in solar stocks would be more exciting if they were not so fleeting. In early September, I noted a “stealth rally” was underway in solar stocks. In early October, I wrote breathlessly about a “soaring September” for solar stocks. Just three weeks later I had to warn that selling volume was picking up in … Read more

Short Interest In Jinko Solar Soars to Another Record

At the time I provided my summary of the stellar earnings results from Jinko Solar (JKS), I noted that the post-earnings surge in the stock price of 17% was likely partly the result of short-covering. Only data through October 15 was available then, and it showed all-time highs in short interest. The data for October … Read more

Jinko Solar Explodes Higher on 3Q Earnings Results

Slowdown in Germany? Italy cutting solar subsidies 6-10%? The Czech Republic trimming subsidies? A deterioration in ASPs (average selling prices) in the second half of 2011? A huge follow-on offering of 3.5M ADS (American Depository Shares) in which insiders are cashing in on 43% of the shares? Jinko Solar (JKS) mentioned all these potential headwinds … Read more

Trading Volume Soars for Solar Stocks But Leaves Prices Behind

Prices soared for solar stocks in September. In October, volume has soared…but prices have swung sharply downward after a very strong start to the month. In most cases, solar stocks have lost all their gains for the month and then some. This trading action is creating buying opportunities, especially where uptrends and/or critical technical support … Read more

Jinko Solar Sets Fresh Highs – A Near Triple in Four Months

Jinko Solar (JKS) got its start in 2006 as a supplier of recovered silicon materials. It is now a vertically integrated solar manufacturer and seller of solar wafers, cells and modules. The company touts its fast growth and low-cost advantage from its Chinese operations. (See profile for more details). JKS debuted on the American stock … Read more