ShotSpotter Gets Back to Business With Solid Earnings Results

Gun-fire detection company ShotSpotter (SSTI) is lagging the recovery in the general stock market. Even with a 28.3% post-earnings surge on Friday, the stock still trades below its April high. Yet, those earnings suggest that ShotSpotter is on track and successfully navigating its business through the COVID-19 pandemic. Earnings Results ShotSpotter has a lumpy business … Read more

ShotSpotter: The Good News Alongside Motorola’s Stock Sale

One part of the bear case for ShotSpotter (SSTI) is that insiders are eager to dump their positions, and their selling will crush the stock. It turned out that company executives were eager and willing to BUY company shares. When it came time for a significant holder to sell, SSTI sailed through the event just … Read more

ShotSpotter CEO Loads Up On Shares Following Investor Conference

When it comes to insider transactions, I only pay attention to the purchases and sales of company executives – the CEO and CFO in particular. Last week, it was the CFO of ShotSpotter (SSTI) purchasing shares ahead of the investor conference. This time, an SEC filing after market hours revealed that the CEO bought shares … Read more

ShotSpotter: Bracing for A Bear Raid

ShotSpotter (SSTI) first came to my attention three months ago. After reviewing the company’s first earnings as a public company, I became convinced that the company’s gun detection technology and business had enough potential to be worth a speculative investment. I proceeded to accumulate shares at lower prices and at a higher price ahead of … Read more

A Silence Lifted: ShotSpotter Soars On A Change of Heart In Congress

Almost two months ago I wrote about the strong earnings profile and prospects of ShotSpotter (SSTI), a gunfire detection and location technology company. At the time, I noted that President Trump’s threat of “fire and fury” aimed at North Korea seemed to drown out the news. Today, in the wake of a horrible tragedy of … Read more

Lost in the Fire and Fury – Promising Earnings from ShotSpotter

As North Korean President Kim Jung Un and U.S. President Donald Trump shot barbs and threats at each other – threats which included Trump’s promises of fire and fury and perhaps more – ShotSpotter (SSTI), a gunfire detection and location technology company, reported earnings. I think the promising results were lost in the crossfire and … Read more