Soliton Reveals More Details About Its Coming Product Launch

Soliton (SOLY) is a pre-launch medical device company specializing in technology for tattoo removal and cellulite reduction. The company is working on extending its RAP (Rapid Acoustic Pulse) technology to other indications. Soliton is still pre-launch, so the company had little to report for its financials in its latest earnings report. Management spent most of … Read more

The Wait Continues for Soliton Tattoo Removal

The wait continues for Soliton (SOLY) to turn promise into profits through the science and business of tattoo removal. Shareholder Letter Soliton recently released its first shareholder letter as a publicly traded company. The report discussed a lot of exciting progress on core technologies and product development, but the letter left shareholders little closer to … Read more

How to Invest In Tattoo Removal: Soliton

Soliton (SOLY) is a research and development (R&D) company, also known as a “pre-revenue stage company”, specializing in a medical device using Rapid Acoustic Pulse (RAP) technology. The company licensed the technology from MD Anderson as a method for removing tattoos. Apparently the company also fortuitously discovered the potential for using its RAP device for fat … Read more