Fresh Unemployment Records Help To End The Rally In The Spain Index Fund

(This is an excerpt from an article I originally published on Seeking Alpha on February 25, 2013. Click here to read the entire piece.) {snip} Last month, Spain’s unemployment rate reached Depression-like levels when it hit a record 26% and projections are for it to increase to 27% this year. {snip} EWP is up an … Read more

T2108 Update (February 4, 2012) – Another Topping Pattern

(T2108 measures the percentage of stocks trading above their respective 40-day moving averages [DMAs]. It helps to identify extremes in market sentiment that are highly likely to reverse. To learn more about it, see my T2108 Resource Page. You can follow real-time T2108 commentary on twitter using the #T2108 hashtag. T2108-related trades and other trades … Read more

Chart Review: The Spain ETF (EWP) Hits Nine-Year Lows

Two weeks ago, the iShares MSCI Spain Index Fund ETF (EWP) finally broke through its 2009 lows. Today, at the time of writing, EWP has plunged into nine-year lows, and is sinking fast. Charts like these remind us of the financial peril facing Europe right now. Source: In the latest news, the European Commission … Read more

Spain’s Turn to Bring A Frown to Markets

The stock market has already started cooling off from overbought conditions, but the weakening euro, increasing bond yields, and widening spreads have markets on edge yet again. After listening to a Planet Money segment on the financial problems in Spain called “A Theme Park, An Airport And The Next Banking Crisis” by Chana Joffe-Walt, I … Read more