Dr. Duru has blogged about financial markets since the year 2000. A veteran of the dot-com bubble and bust, the financial crisis, and the coronavirus pandemic, he fully appreciates the value in trading and investing around the extremes of market behavior. In this spirit, “One-Twenty Two” delivers a different narrative for students and fans of financial markets. Dr. Duru challenges conventional market wisdoms and offers unique perspectives. The blog posts cover stocks, options, currencies, Bitcoin, and more, while leveraging the tools of both technical and fundamental analysis for short-term and long-term trading and investing.

How to Use This Site

Above the 40” is the cornerstone series of this site. This series identifies extremes in the market and devises strategies to profit from them. In between the extremes, the market typically offers plenty of other trading and investing ideas. Readers can review site categories and archives for a rich and broad array of topics and markets.

The trend is your friend until it ends. The extreme is your fiend until it runs out of steam.

While this site offers trading and investing ideas, readers will find few formulas or projections. Instead, this site invites readers to integrate these ideas into their own trading and investing objectives, tactics, and strategies. Dr. Duru also uses this site like a journal of thoughts and ideas and frequently refers back to the blog for focus and discipline. He will occasionally revisit past posts and thoughts, but he cannot continually review every idea. Readers should also review the site’s disclaimer.

Dr. Duru’s Background

Dr. Duru received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (and an honors degree in Values, Technology, Science and Society – now simply STS) from Stanford University. For graduate studies, Dr. Duru went on to earn a Ph.D. in Engineering-Economic Systems (now Management, Science, and Society). Dr. Duru’s work experiences include:

  • Independent consulting in operations research and decision analysis
  • Management consulting in product development and technology strategy
  • Price optimization software for computer manufacturers and internet advertising (including a shared patent for methodology)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, including some Data Science and Data Engineering

Dr. Duru also enjoys volunteering in his local community and providing leadership and guidance for family and friends. He also accepts data analysis projects for small companies and non-profits. You can find him on twitter or contact him by clicking here. Readers can also subscribe for free email updates.

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