Dr. Duru is not a real doctor, but he played one in school. After getting a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (and an honors degree in Values, Technology, Science and Society – now simply STS) from Stanford University, he decided to plow on and get his Ph.D. in Engineering-Economic Systems (now Management, Science, and Society…for now!). He has done a few gigs doing some independent consulting in mathematical modeling, slogged through management consulting in product development and technology strategy, and is now pounding the pavement helping companies to improve the pricing of their products through analytic software and rigorous analysis. In his personal life, he eats too much chocolate and still finds time to work-out and enjoy traveling. My website is dedicated to my varied and broad interests. While I do not perform miracle surgeries or cure world hunger, I am a self-proclaimed expert on money, knowledge management and organizational learning (or at least as of 1999!), and Kim Fields. You can find material on my site on all these topics. Finally, note that Dr. Duru serves as my name, the name of this site, and it happens to be a registered trademark.

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