A Trip Through Television Memory Lane

Last week, Entertainment Weekly featured Kim Fields for a segment she called “Having A Fields Day.” She took a trip down memory lane across all the televisions in which she appeared and starred. For each show, she shared at least one memory. Some of them were surprising, some funny, and one was puzzling (Living Single). The video segment includes treasured clips from each show.

  • Baby, I’m Back: Kim’s first series. The show was taped twice in order to take the best of each episode to make one. Kim learned she could not change her hair between tapings!
  • Good Times: On the show twice. Best memory was her Mom playing Mrs. Gordon the mother of Penny, a character played by Janet Jackson. The episodes dealt with the intense topic of child abuse.
  • Facts of Life: NINE years of Kim’s childhood! Kim described her initial struggles skating around the show. I did not realize Facts of Life was a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes.
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Kim recounts a blooper that somehow escaped me: a wardrobe malfunction! In a honeymoon scene with Will Smith, Kim’s skirt fell down but fortunately she had on a long jacket!
  • Living Single: Regine faints in a scene so the character did not have to be there any more. I was a bit confused by this memory and surprised it was her fondest given how colorful Regine was.
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim’s best memory was bittersweet. On a girls’ trip to Miami, Kim started crying as she realized she missed her husband. Kim provided the context using her first marriage and the moment she realized that it was not working: when her husband left for another two week trip, she felt her “roommate” was out of town, not her husband.
  • Dancing with the Stars: Kim described it as one ginormous highlight reel. Surprisingly, she admits she was holding in her real worlds when she was eliminated. She was struggling to be gracious and polite.

Of course, if you want to know a lot more about these stories and a lot more, make sure you pick up a copy of her autobiography!

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