The Urban Movie Channel Releases Movie “Switching Lanes”

Two years ago, Kim Fields appeared in the movie “Switching Lanes.” It is now available on the Urban Movie Channel (UMC) billed as a new release. I post a description of the UMC from its about page at the bottom of this article.

Kim appears in the movie as a reporter. In the trailer below you will see her at the 1:15, 2:42, 3:21, and 3:48 marks. Her last appearance in the trailer looks like a “bonus joke track.”

Here is an additional synopsis of the movie:

“Imagine a small southern town where unspoken racism is still the norm. This is a reality for the citizens of Summerston, Georgia until two teenage girls, unsuspectingly, set out to change that reality. Kaneesha and Sarah, each a different race, attempt to change the long standing and unspoken rule of the “separate but equal” lifestyle of the citizens of Summerston! Adding fuel to the flames is a looming 15 year old secret shared by their mothers & the former Mayor of Summerston. Once this secret is revealed, it will test the tolerance of the entire town and Kaneesha and Sarah’s friendship.”

The late Tommy Ford directed Switching Lanes, and Raven Magwood wrote the screen play. WRUG Media interviewed the two of them in 2015 about the movie. Magwood proclaimed that the movie’s timing was right given the headlines of police brutality in the Black community. She described her good luck on getting her script made into a movie as the meeting of preparation and opportunity: “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Ford was clearly excited for Magwood and the movie. At the time, Switching Lanes was one of 4 movies he was working on. He indicated that he had worked on 20 movies prior to this one.

About the UMC

“UMC – Urban Movie Channel was created by Robert L. Johnson, Chairman of RLJ Entertainment and founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), UMC is an urban-focused subscription streaming service in North America and features quality urban content that showcases feature films, documentaries, original series, stand-up comedy, and other exclusive content for African American and urban audiences.”

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