Sasha Farber: America Hasn’t Seen the Real Kim Fields

Erin Lim from E! interviewed Kim Fields and her dance partner, Sasha Farber about Dancing with the Stars and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sasha raised the level of anticipation by claiming “America hasn’t seen the real Kim.” This statement REALLY has me wondering because I thought after 40 or so years, I have already seen Kim in all her versatility. What surprises are in store?!

Sasha also exclaimed that Kim brings out brilliant energy. He is eager to get the opportunity to help Kim come out and shine and “do her thing.” This just gets better and better!

After Erin asked Kim what got her on the show, Kim indicated that she was invited. She then proceeded with the expected: the right time in her career, she wants to do new things, spread her wings, and she is most excited to get a chance to work with Sasha. I think she is playing it low key. I strongly suspect she is crazy excited under that warm, calm smile, and I cannot wait for her to let it out on the dance floor!

See the interview for yourself….

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