Steve Harvey Gives Away Kim’s Book…But Has He Read It Yet?

In the above clip from Steve Harvey’s talk show, Harvey and Chip Fields, Kim’s mother, have a touching moment. Steve credits Chip for saving his career after sitting him down for 12 hours at the edge of the cancellation of a gig. This encounter was part of Kim’s brief visit to the show to discuss her new autobiography, “The Blessed Life.” Kim was rocking the red mohawk look in her characteristic self-confidence and grace. I only wish she had more time to discuss the details in the book.

Surprisingly, Steve did not ask Kim about anything specific in the book. He made me wonder whether he had read the book yet. I realize he and the Fields family are close, so perhaps he does not feel the need to read the book. However, a golden nugget or a particular insight is always good to encourage book sales.

Instead, Steve casually flipped the pages and observed there a lot of good pictures; he also expressed confidence in the book’s content. He then asked Kim what was hardest about being on “The Facts of Life” as a child actress. Kim responded by noting that she had to spend her formative years in a fish bowl, but she had a strong village to support her.

Steve also asked Kim what she hoped people would get from the book. Again, I would have preferred for HIM to provide his personal insight and get Kim’s response. Kim said she hoped people would get inspiration and enjoyment. It was at that moment Steve announced that everyone in his audience would receive a free copy of Kim’s autobiography. (He also later gifted them a Butterball Electric Fryer from Masterbuilt just in time for Thanksgiving!).

The other half of Kim’s time on the set was spent sharing the stage with Tatyana Ali. Tatyana and Kim play sisters in the Lifetime Christmas special “Wrapped Up In Christmas.” They each agreed that working with the other came naturally. Kim said it was easy and things “fell into place.” Tatyana responded by saying Kim is down to earth.

In the clip below Kim shares her experience dating her now husband Christopher Morgan as a dating testimony. Kim said neither she nor Chris were actively looking to date when they met through a mutual friend at dinner. In an eyebrow-raising moment of candor, Kim admitted that when she saw Chris she said to herself that “he can get it.” Oh my! Read the book for more!

Kim discusses her dating life after Tatyana Ali reveals her dating secrets…

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