On Fox News Interview Kim Talks to Her “Feel Good Movie of the Year”

It was good seeing Kim Fields on Fox News talking about faith, diversity, African-American and female achievement, and humanity.

Artel Neville interviewed Kim about her work on her new movie “A Question of Faith.” Coincidentally, Neville made an appearance as the character Liz Leo on Living Single with Kim Fields (Season 2, Episode 15). Kim touched on a few key points:

  • The best thing about the movie: the characters are so real.
  • The movie is about humanity no matter who you are.
  • Dedicated to her craft and not to being on the camera.
  • Passionate about being great with what she does.
  • A village full of angels supports Kim.
  • “A Question of Faith” is the “feel good movie of the year.”

In the beginning of the clip, Neville mentioned that “A Question of Faith” is the first major faith-based movie to be screened on Capitol Hill. That historic note is a bit surprising to me! In mid-September, ahead of the movie’s release, Kim joined producer Angela White and fellow cast members for the showing which was, according to the Washington Post, attended by “…White House’s Omarosa Manigault-Newman, her husband Pastor John Newman, TV personality Demetria Lucas D’Oyley, journalist Jawn Murray, and BET ‘Sunday Best’ star Terrill Hall, among others.” Afterward, ultra-conservative Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert provided a late night tour and joined guests for a prayer for leaders on the floor of the House. I did not see any mention of this meeting on Gohmert’s twitter feed or on his official U.S. Congress website news feed, but I think commentary on the movie would be particularly good to, uh, “lighten up” his typical fare.

Anyway, I post below Kim’s instagram summary of her trip to Capitol Hill. It captures several figures in American history and includes a soundtrack.

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