Kim Fields: 2020 In Review – The Growth of A Brand

We will never forget the year 2020. The year began with all the hopes and anticipation of a new decade, including analogues to the roaring 20s of the 20th century. A pandemic was already unfolding in China while the rest of the world celebrated. By March, the rest of the world was forced to reckon with the coronavirus pandemic. In the U.S., the country also dealt with a reckoning of police brutality, social unrest, and political upheavals. Through it all, Kim reflected upon the changing tides and the swirling winds. She helped us to stay grounded in faith and hope while keeping us motivated and activated. Her brand grew and her social media footprint expanded. Kim gave us more ways than ever to stay connected with her career and to experience her fantastic works.

Kim’s life and career in 2020 came to us in a range of colors as she made big strides growing the “KF” brand.


As things turned out, this face and mood turned out to be quite emblematic of the year that 2020 became! However, before the pandemic, Kim was active as ever in public appearances. Kim was a guest on Sister Circle TV singing faith and praise as a theme for 2020.

Kim kicked off Black History month with a 15-year anniversary celebration of shorts she directed and produced for TV Land and Nick @ Nite. Kim even dropped her own spoken word rhythms.

Right before the pandemic erupted, Kim Fields fans jumped at the news that Kim would appear in a new Netflix series. Kim will play Regina on “The Upshaws” alongside Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps. The show made it through two episodes before the pandemic shut down production.

Kim DID manage to sneak a cameo past the pandemic. She appeared on on Issa Rae’s “Insecure” on HBO.

Response to the Pandemic

Kim’s first idea for the pandemic was a launch of #KimsQTips. The social media series looked like it was going to celebrate and be thankful for family and encourage people to stay active despite being locked up inside. The series lasted about a week. Kim also wanted to boost people’s spirits during an otherwise dark time.

In another effort to bring beauty into darkness, Kim did an art session with Justin Bua on Instagram Live. The session is not stored online, but here is Kim’s promo/trailer for the event. Definitely well-shot!

Kim also did “stay safe” spots including this one with Lifetime TV.

Now Starring on Instagram Live TV!

Kim took to Instagram Live TV (IGTV) more and more as the pandemic wore on. She used IGTV as a conversational platform. She interviewed other celebrities and led discussions about current events. Kim even did a countdown and celebration for her birthday which was a completely different approach to her relative silence for her 50th birthday last year! The opportunity to do cross-promotion for her Signature Blends coffee brand was likely a motivating factor in changing her approach to birthday celebrations. 😉

And what better way to celebrate a birthday in “quarantine” than having a socially-distant, remote session with the woman who raised ya?

Kim truly basked in the glory of being able to celebrate another year of life.


After George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer in late May, Kim stepped up her social and political activism online and in the community.

Kim also encouraged her fans to get active with the vote.

Kim is an ardent supporter of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Kim hosted pro-Harris events.

Signature Blends By Kim Fields

Kim’s coffee line, Signature Blends, was one reason that Kim greatly expanded her use of social media. She used events, discussions, and interviews as branding and advertising opportunities for her coffee. These marketing events were core to the growth of her brand in 2020.

For example, in August, Kim interviewed Andrew Young under the #onecupatatime conversation series. Andrew Young worked with Martin Luther King Jr as executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), was mayor of Atlanta, a Congressman representing Atlanta, and served as Ambassador to the United Nations under President Jimmy Carter. Kim also interviewed other revered celebrities like Loretta Swift of M.A.S.H. fame.

Kim interviewed with Black Enterprise on December 10th to tell the origin story and vision for Signature Blends.

In September, Kim set up a “TalkShopLive” to help market Signature Blends. To-date, no events have yet aired. Forty-four followers await the next news!

Finally, the promotional piece below is an interesting mix of the realities of the pandemic and the desire to escape through the luxuries of a fine coffee. The video features Kim and other party-goers donning various stylish face coverings made for partying safely in a pandemic kind of world.

Looking Forward to 2021

In late October, Kim expanded her social media presence to Tik Tok for the first time. The short below is an entertaining dance routine to a slow, big beat. Kim collaborated with her sister Alexis who was the ringleader of the operation. Tik Tok will surely expand Kim’s audience and introduce her brand to younger folks who may have yet to get to know her.

Kim wrote a letter to Black Men for the online publication Quintessential Gentleman. The interview with the founder of QG is a statement for the go-forward of 2021: “change is in the air.” Kim went on to declare that we have been conditioned to fear change, but we should not fear change….we should look through a lens of positivity and inspiration. Check out the letter “Dear Sir” in the Culture 2020 issue of Quintessential Gentleman pages 10-11.

Kim recently launched a lifestyle brand called “Refresh by KF.” She told Eric Thomas from Quintessential Gentleman that his digital publication inspired her to do something similar for Refresh by KF. Go to the site and sign up for the newsletter, so you will be in the know on what comes up next!

I expect Kim to increasingly focus her social media and public presence on Instagram. Kim is now up to a million followers which is well beyond the 113K followers she has on Twitter and even the 656K followers she has on Facebook.

It is gratifying to see Kim’s career continue to grow and broaden. I love seeing multiple generations get hip to Kim and her outstanding work. Kim continues to be an absolutely joy to follow even after 24 years of maintaining this “Official” Fan Site focused on Kim Fields.

In summary, here is what to expect from Kim (so far!) in 2021:

  • The Upshaws – Netflix comedy (starring actress)
  • Young Dylan, Season 2 – Nickelodeon (director with Mom Chip Hurd)
  • And of course more from her existing lines of businesses, Signature Blends and Refresh by KF

Let’s see the Kim Fields brand grow and grown in 2021!

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