CNN Recognizes Kim’s Icon Status in the 1990s

“In a 90s kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls…”

That snippet from the Living Single theme song helped land Kim Fields her place as an icon of 1990s entertainment. CNN has recognized Kim’s status by including her in its special series aptly titled “The NINETIES.” Here is Kim being interviewed by Fredricka Whitfield on CNN Newsroom:

You see Kim at her best. She is a great guest for an interview format. She is gracious, graceful, poised, thankful, genuine, expressive, joyful, and articulate…all combined! It is always fantastic to hear Kim give God the glory, her Mom the credit, and her colleagues the thanks. And her style! Casual, inviting, and about her business (TIGHT) all at once.

I got a kick out of Kim delivering to us a real-time sneak peak into her journey to CNN to do the interview. You can see her genuine excitement in anticipation of the appearance.

Finally, here is Kim fully rocking the shirt her husband gave her. Kudos to Kim for just letting her Blackness unapologetically glow and shine.

So make sure you check out Kim on CNN’s series The NINETIES!

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