Shopify Stock Wavers In the Wake of Another Secondary Stock Offering

E-commerce platform company Shopify (SHOP) has been on a hot streak of secondary stock offerings. In 2020, the company raised $2,578,591 in two separate stock offerings. SHOP cashed in again this week by raising another $1,551,700 in a secondary stock offering of 1.18M shares priced at $1315. The company stated the funds will “strengthen its balance sheet, providing flexibility to fund its growth strategies.” As of December 31, 2020, SHOP already had accumulated $6.39B in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. That whopping 160% year-over-year increase makes me believe that Shopify’s main intention is funding an imminent acquisition.

The offering came on a wild day of trading in a stock market with a split bear/bull personality. With the NASDAQ (COMPQX) gapping down 2.0% and trading down as much as 3.9%, SHOP’s timing for this offering was unlucky. While the company only offered a 4.8% discount to the prior day’s closing price, traders took the stock down as much as 12.7%. SHOP managed to close with a 5.9% loss. In the wake of this wavering, SHOP pulled off a near picture-perfect test of support at its 50-day moving average (DMA) (the red line below) even as it completed a reversal of its bullish breakout earlier in the month.

Shopify (SHOP) perfectly tested 50DMA support but closed below its 20DMA.

Post-Secondary Price Action

Last month, I wrote a piece explaining how to understand the price action from stock offerings. Per that guidance, SHOP is in a short-term negative position: at one point, the stock traded far below the offering price and closed below the offering price. A close above $1315 makes the stock a buy again with the added bonus of confirming 50DMA support and creating a new 20DMA breakout.

Shopify’s earnings report last week adds a wildcard to the interpretation of the price action. The results were very strong yet SHOP dropped 3.3%. So clearly investors were already in a bit of a profit-taking mode ahead of the secondary. In other words, SHOP is not technically in the clear until after it closes its post-earnings gap.

Still, SHOP had a strong 2020 even with a pandemic and two massive stock offerings. Clearly, demand for the shares are strong. SHOP’s secondary stock offerings are a natural response to this strong demand. If history repeats, the overhang from the offering will be yet one more speedbump on the way to higher prices.

Be careful out there!

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