Chart Review: First Solar and SunPower Confirm Bearish Patterns

It only took a day or two for First Solar (FSLR) and SunPower Corporation (SPWR) to confirm the bearish pattern I pointed out after the recent post-earnings celebration for SPWR. The charts below show rapid follow-through from the big fades that followed huge up days in each stock.

First Solar breaks down again
First Solar breaks down again

SunPower gives up almost all its post-earnings gains
SunPower gives up almost all its post-earnings gains


Note well that the bears and sellers who were trapped by First Solar’s strong gap up are no longer trapped (or at least those shorts that did not panic out of their positions). SunPower has now given up almost all of its post-earnings gains. That solar fade is one powerful bearish signal. In the last post, I warned:

“Anyone who has traded solar stocks for a while knows this post-earnings fade as the signature reversal so common with solar stocks. It is solar’s typical warning sign of declines to come.”

That warning followed another cautionary note I sent out following the bankruptcy announcement from Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) where I declared the “solar fun is over for now.” We should duly note that the sudden weakness in many solar stocks is coming as the major indices are either at or challenging multi-year highs. Once the stock market corrects from this rally, we should expect solar stocks to suffer further and larger losses (relative to whatever portion of the solar rally remains intact at that time). Yingli Energy Holdings (YGE) has already given back all of its gains for 2012. FSLR, Trina Solar (TSL), and MEMC Electronic Material (WFR) have are not far behind.

For now, I have closed out my puts and covered calls on FSLR. I feel naked, but I suspect the wild volatility in solar stocks will give me ample opportunity for playing defense again at better prices.

Be careful out there!

Full disclosure: long FSLR

2 thoughts on “Chart Review: First Solar and SunPower Confirm Bearish Patterns

  1. Dr. Duru I have been following you for a while. I think your a very smart person. I have been burned by the solar stocks, FSLR is a major loss for me. If First Solar get down too lets say 29.00 do you think I should load up the truck, or is this going to 10.00
    Thank you for the t2018 insight, I have learning alot from following you. Keep up the good work. Eric

  2. Thanks, Eric for being a long-time follower. Always good to hear back from readers. I am also painfully holding onto FSLR. I think they will be a survivor but I am VERY cautious about adding to positions just yet. If FSLR has a decent earnings report and still manages to get to $29, then, yes, I would be OK adding to positions BUT, and this is a big but, only if you are willing to consider playing some defense. Like buying some puts for at least partial protection. The “solar recession/depression” may continue for a good while as governments struggle to get their finances in order. I hope to write a little more frequently about these stocks, particularly the technicals, so stay tuned.

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