Dancing With the Stars Review: The One to Watch – “Sleeper Kim” Scores All 8s

Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) Season #22, Episode #6 featured performances from famous dances. Kim Fields and her dance partner Sasha Farber chose “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray for the Jive. Marissa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray was in the audience to enjoy Kim’s rendition.

Marissa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray cheers on Kim's dance
Marissa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray cheers on Kim’s dance

The pre-dance “package” started with a flashback to the previous week’s elegant but controversial dance. Kim complained that the comments from last week “did not have anything to do with my performance.” Those comments were directed at the technical execution which did feature the Viennese Waltz that the judges expected. Len and Maks were hyper-critical on this score. Kim lamented how the scathing criticism would impact Keo (I surely did!). As the choreographer, Keo was responsible for the dance selection. Next, we are treated to a scene showing the depth of Keo’s angst. He told the crew he did not want cameras following him, and he would not talk to anyone. Keo sat down and just scrolled through his cell phone.

Understandably, Kim went on to say “I’m glad I got my Aussie back.”

Kim went on to acknowledge that she has put “mind-boggling” demands on her body to execute on the dances fans have come to expect. It turns out, according to Sasha, that Kim has been dancing through pain. During a rehearsal, Kim pulls up in the middle of a step. Kim’s voice over indicated that Kim has been feeling strain just above her ankles. Sasha insisted on figuring out what was going on. So off to the MRI scan for Kim! =gulp=

Kim gets an MRI to determine the issue with her legs.
Kim gets an MRI to determine the issue with her legs.

The doctor was very clear: Kim suffered a stress fracture bad enough to take her out the competition. Kim was NOT having any of that.

As Sasha goes into deep thought about the implications of Kim's diagnosis, Kim resists the notion she needs to quit practice.
As Sasha goes into deep thought about the implications of Kim’s diagnosis, Kim resists the notion she needs to quit practice.

Kim told the interviewer that she had two kids; she of course implied that no pain compares to childbirth so a stress fracture will NOT stop her! In another shot, Kim next implored Sasha not to change anything about his dance vision for the current performance or even for the rest of the competition. Kim wants to live up to her claim in this episode that she is “the one to watch”, the sleeper candidate!

Off to Hairspray!

{The official video was never posted on the DWTS YouTube channel}

Kim’s dance was well-executed, just like all her others. Kim’s hard work once again paid off although I could not help but brace myself for a wince or a stumble from pain. Kim was clearly determined an no pain or hesitation showed. The performance was like an epic show. Kim floated through the Jive with ease, and the judges rewarded her…

Judge Len Goodman
Len took this opportunity to make up for last week’s harshness. He said Kim captured the fun of Hairspray. He even saw elements of the Jive in her performance. “What’s not to like? It was a tremendous opening to the show! Well done!” Score: 8

Judge Bruno Tonioli
You guessed it. Bruno leaped from his seat to rain praise upon Kim. He said something like “look at me you gorgeous, bundle of bouncing joy!” At that, Kim could not resist bumrushing the judge’s table similar to her antics from two weeks ago. Bruno however was too busy excitedly giving his own rendition of Kim’s performance to join Kim with a hug. After he finished, he proclaimed that THIS is what the show is all about: “get everybody dancing.” He finished by whispering some small technical critique. His handwaving indicated it was nothing major. Score: 8

Kim applauds Bruno's enthusiasm
Kim applauds Bruno’s enthusiasm

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba
Carrie Ann had me worried for a second as she hesitated to find words. But she then praised Kim by confirming “you ARE the one to watch.” Carrie Ann glowed that from the beginning Kim has been fantastic with great energy. Interestingly, Carrie Ann went on to say that Kim’s consistency sometime scares her because it sets up expectations with the fans to want to something new, exciting, and charged up. It was not clear what Kim can do with that observation. Anyway, Carrie Ann complemented Kim’s routine for being “incredible, vibrant, and filled with energy.” And then, strangely enough, Carrie Ann cautioned Kim that her energy was just a “hair under” what the routine needed, and there were some mistakes. Bruno could not help calling Carrie Ann “Maks.” It was a strange feedback sequence which in the end just meant that Carrie Ann really wanted to give Kim an even HIGHER score. Maybe Kim’s first 9 comes next week? Score: 8

Kim scores all 8s from the judges!
Kim scores all 8s from the judges!

So, here is YOUR chance to give your own score for Kim. It is too late to send in your vote to the show, but you can rate her here in THIS poll. (PLEASE get your votes in on time NEXT episode!)

The polling will stay open until Sunday, May 1, 2016, right before midnight.

Click on the number of your choice and then click “Vote.” Note that your button may be gray with the letters grayed out as well…you can still click it.

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