Kim Fields Talks with Wendy Williams Again

Kim Fields made another appearance on the Wendy Williams Show back in February, 2021. The brief pandemic-safe spot covered a range of topics. Here are some highlights.

The Upshaws (Netflix original series)

  • Kim was in LA for most of 2020 filming.
  • Kim described “The Upshaws” as a comedy we’ve never seen before.

Living Single

Wendy asked for a reboot of the show – this request is common from Kim Fields fans. Wendy proposed a script where all four of the women “grow up” but not live together. One character gets married and divorced. Another character stays married. One character is a captain of industry. Another character is still trying to find herself.

Kim said the 6 main characters have talked about a reboot. However, they noted how the characters are so beloved. As a result, if they get a reboot wrong, people will be mad. Kim also explained that every one on the show is busy as it is. Moreover, Yvette Lee Bowser does not have the time to write a reboot. Kim extended appreciation from the group for the love of the fans.


Kim gave Wendy the nickname “Mustang” based on Wendy’s documentary. I cannot quite identify the source since I have not seen the film. Kim said the documentary inspired transparency, and Wendy showed a deep-dive intro strength.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

  • Wendy started the show reminding the audience that she did not like Kim on the show.
  • Wendy also “congratulated” Kim on her marriage surviving that once season
  • Kim retorted that 1) people are still talking about the show, and 2) she was not on the show to fit in. “Sometimes it’s good to just have a fresh new energy to something.”

The segment ended with Kim hawking some dental cleaning and whitening products. Apparently, sponsored product sales are a regular part of the Wendy Williams show. I have not seen Kim promoted these products on her other channels.

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