Kim Fields co-stars in Issues: We All Got 'Em"
(March, 2006)

I attended the play "Issues: We All Got 'Em" in Tampa, Florida on March 4, 2006. Ironically enough, this was almost exactly three years after last seeing Kim after she starred in Pandora's Trunk. I have posted below scans of memorabilia from the play, including the cover of the pogram, Kim's signature on the bio page, a copy of my ticket, and a fuzzy camera phone shot of Kim and me that my girlfriend took (I am lucky to have a very understanding woman! =smiles=). I am sad to report that I left my real camera behind on this trip, so I ask for your apologies in advance. This was a golden opportunity to do some "photo-journalism" and give you all a close look at Kim indulging her endearing fans. Oh well, next time!

I met Kim after the play as she was signing autographs for all her fans - at least those fans that remained after a false fire alarm forced us to evacuate the theatre for almost an hour. I was very impressed with the audience's ability to calmly evacuate, and the cast's ability to pick the play right back up at the beginning of the last scene. Interestingly enough, Kim was the cast member who broke from character to ask the ushers for some clarity and guidance on what the alarms were all about. Of course, we all thought the alarms were a part of the play, and then we hoped the alarms were for some other building! After an usher told her the news, Kim asked the crowd to evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion and promised that they would continue as soon as possible.

Anyway, my meeting with Kim this time was not nearly as long as the last meeting given that she had many fans to attend to, but we still exchanged some good conversation. First, I was happy to find that Kim still remembered me and this site. After she recognized me, she proceeded to "embarrass" me by announcing to nearby fans that I had "put up my fan site when I was 12 years old before there was even an Internet!" The ribbing was all good though, and we all had a good laugh. (see the picture below). Kim also gave me the good news that she was back on the web at I failed to ask about trying to coordinate this site and her site again, but I will do my best to get some kind of cooperation going. Stay tuned...

Finally, some words about the play itself. "Issues" is a gospel play about a group of Black men and women who are trying to come to terms with the issues they have in romantic relationships. We have one married couple and an assortment of single folks. Each person has some kind of drama and each suffers from internal struggles and each wrestles with the critiques and support from friends who are just as drama-inlficted. Christian themes provide the core glue of the play as each character in some way looks to God for help. Kim's character, Joy, is a sinlge mother of three boys. Each of her sons has a different you can only imagine the issues she is dealing with! Kim delivers to us her typical high-quality performance and even does a bit of spoken word and singing. I highly recommend that you attend this play if possible. For some strange reason, she is again not touring on the West Coast, but at least this time, I live smack in the middle of the Southeastern part of the tour. Kim's site does not list official tour dates and locations, but you can find them at Latoya London's website. Hurry though! This play is done in April, 2006!

Program Cover
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