(March, 2003)

I attended the play "Pandora's Box" in Los Angeles on March 21, 2003. I have included below my memorabilia from the show, including a signed copy of my program. I also had a chance to meet and talk with Kim Fields. She is VERY warm and personable. "Pandora's Box" is an EXCELLENT play, and Kim's performance in it is stellar. I am not a theater critic, but my friend who is an actor himself (and attended the play with me) commented that Kim's execution from a technical standpoint was top-notch. From my standpoint, Kim displayed incredible versatility and range in her performance - taking us from humor to tragedy. She was convincing and consistent throughout the play, and she was even willing to "improvise" as circumstances seemed fit. This was my first time seeing Kim up, close, and personal, and it became clearer to me than ever that she is one of the top actresses around. I look forward to additional theatrical performances and the continued advancement of her career! Until the next time, enjoy these memorabilia. I HIGHLY recommend that you attend this play if you can. She has performed the play in other venues, including festivals. Special thanks to Stephanie for letting me know about this play! Fans like her keep this site going!

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