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The Stanford Life  The Stanford Life

A mini-tour of locales important to me
On April 5, 1998, I was honored to deliver a speech at Stanford University's Founder's Day. I was selected through a two-stage competition (content and delivery), that featured an undergrad and a graduate component with both winners receiving a prize. See below for related articles and a copy of my speech (may require searching on the various websites):
My speech: "Dual Treasures" (text-version)
Search on for Founder's Day speakers - One grad student speaker, one undergraduate... (Stanford Daily, January 26, 1998)
Campus invited to celebrate Founders’ Day (Stanford Report, March 19, 1998)
Salute to the Stanfords - Sunday marks Founders' Day (Stanford Daily, April 3, 1998)
Yesterday's Founders' Day celebrations began at the Mausoleum, the final resting place of the Stanford family... (Stanford Daily photo, April 6, 1998)
Campus celebrates founding family’s generosity (Stanford Report, April 8, 1998)

Friends --- without friends, we are nothing...

...BUT I do not claim any responsibility for the contents of their web sites and pages

Bid Whist Online: from What2Read Inc./Prather Enterprises
Bob E. Homepage
The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Fund: The Stephanie Brown Cadet Memorial Foundation was created by Stephanie's family and friends following her untimely passing from a heart condition in July 2005. {rest-in-peace, my friend}
Channel Zero (co-founded by my friend Dr. Calvin Mackie: an educational and motivational consulting company)
Chidi Chidi Bang Bang Travel: Book travel reservations
Alicia Crank (or see Geocities site)
daJam Creations ( a product design firm which designs fun games, by a friend of mine)
DD Jewell - writer extraordinaire!
Zoe Ellis: check out her latest jams and concert dates...!
Suzannah Fromm: Show Me Again: New and Pre-Owned Show Clothes
Lawrence Gilliam
Nicol Irvin's Signature Events
Nya Jade: You MUST check out her music! Get samples from her CDs and next concert dates. Upcoming release "My Denial" (as of January, 2006).
Maurice Jamal: talks about his award-winning film.
Robert Jospeh: Famous actor!
Professor Kohn-Wood
Jennie Laws: "singer, producer, arranger, composer" - great stuff, a star straight outta Toronto!
Michelle Malkin (Actually, she is the wife of a friend of mine, but that still counts! She is also a former editorial writer and columnist for the Seattle Times.)
"MoisheDaddy" blogs his way through parenting with wife Zahra
O-Aesthetics Anti-Aging & Laser Center
Okokon Okon : Rest in Peace, my friend. Your brutal end was too early and without reason. (Dedication site and The The Okon Memorial Fellowship Fund)
*Sovereignty KO Collections: "...caters to women who wear size 9 through 15. Born out of the realization that there are little to no fashionable footwear available in larger sizes, Sovereignty KO Collections dedicates itself to bring you styles typically available to women who wear size 6 to 10."
Subjective Objectvism: A pseudo objectivist view of life.
Tracy's Crystal Staircase of Literature (great poetry) also see African-American Literature and Poetry
Trader Mike
David Washington
Amy Yamashiro wrote "The Stock Administrator Book." A MUST read! :D

Green Links

Spread the word and let's all do what we can to save the earth and its rich ecosystems!
Earth 911: recycling centers, water pollution and conservation, Earth Day
Hoes Down Harvest Festival: Dedicated to honoring and promoting the knowledge of sustainable rural living through inspiration and education (with a name like that, you *have* to check it out!)
The National Green PagesTM Co-op America (800-58-GREEN): Consumer strategies for a better world...
Planet, The Home of Environmentally Friendly Cleaners.
Shopping for a Better World: Council on Economic Priorities (800-729-4CEP)

Health, Good Health (Treat your body right! It's the only one you're gettin'.)

AIDS Ribbon
AIDS/HIV information . Sponsored by Aegis. Extensive database, news, links, and searching. Claims to be the largest HIV database in the world.
Cancer Prevention and Treatment: American Cancer Society (ACS),(800) 227-2345
General Health. There is a wealth of information on the Web on all types of health topics. This page lists over 20 promising resources."Alice" with Healthwise at Columbia University will also answer any health and relationship questions that you have (you can also browse and search through numerous other Q&A pieces).
Mobility Scooters by No Boundaries: For years my grrandmother would ask whether I had thought about design a lightweight scooter for her to get around places easily. I finally found a pretty good sight that already offers exactly what she probably needs. I can only hope now that I can get the chance to get one of these for her and watch her ride...
Protect Your Fertility: A somewhat controversial site that seeks to spread the "truth" to men and women about infertility. For example, find out about the "right" age to have children…
Suicide Prevention : This is a serious problem which has hit close to home too many times, so I am including several links here. If you or someone you know even has a hint of suicidal tendencies, get help NOW...

IQ Test

I wouldn't be true to my name without giving you the opportunity to test your IQ ...! Queendom includes many other tests they claim are scientifically validated.