Cintas anticipates a “a slow and lengthy” jobs recovery

While unemployment seems to have crested, the outlook for jobs growth is as dark as ever. Cintas (CTAS), a maker of work uniforms, reported disappointing earnings yesterday evening and provided a dour outlook on the jobs market: “We anticipate that when job recovery does occur, it will be a slow and lengthy process. In addition, … Read more

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A Rising Euro Poses a Threat to Parts of Bloc – The euro is overvalued by between 7% and 8% relative to other major currencies, and a further rise could be a "serious concern" for the more open euro-zone economies, the European Commission said. (tags: currency euro Europe) Bonds Are Signaling a Stronger Recovery … Read more

The Rising Skepticism In Gold

In “That’s one long gold bubble,” Tim Ianaco created an illustrative animated graphic from Google news archives comparing the news coverage of “housing bubble,” “credit bubble,” and “gold bubble.” He rightfully observes the following: “…my understanding of how bubbles work is that they materialize rather quickly, fueled by media coverage toward the end and then … Read more

RIMM Goes “All In” With Share Repurchase Program

Last night, Research In Motion (RIMM) released an earnings report that exceeded analyst expectations, produced strong guidance, and was well-received by the market. I took particular interest in RIMM’s share repurchase activity. RIMM used $775M to purchase 12.3M shares at an average price of $63 per share (full details noted in Seeking Alpha’s transcripts of … Read more

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Public Debt Risk Rising, Turbulent Year Ahead: Moody's Sovereign debt risk is rising globally, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom, which must outline plans to manage public debt or face ratings deterioration as soon as 2011, Moody's global head of sovereign ratings said on Monday. (tags: debt govt_spending) So Why Did Abu Dhabi … Read more

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China to pass India as world's top gold market – GFMS | Business News | Reuters China will overtake India as the world's largest gold consumer in 2009, with total demand forecast at 432 tonnes as wealthy investors defy record bullion prices, metals consultancy GFMS said on Friday. (tags: gold China India)