Kim Starts A Series Made for the Quarantined Lifestyle

Many of us around the world are living in quarantine-like conditions. A lot of people and institutions are stepping up to provide ways to help people cope and get through this period until the time we can get a vaccine and/or treatment for the coronavirus aka covid-19. Kim Fields has come up with a program she calls Kim’s Ttips (Quarantine Tips). On twitter, you can find it with the hashtag #KimsQTips. So far, it looks like she will be focused on posting related videos on instagram and sharing them through twitter.

Ironically, Kim started the series with a video describing the benefits of family and fans while hanging out at family friend’s house. 🙂

Here is Kim really kicking things off with an exercise routine that you can do in your own hallway.

I suggest everyone hit up Kim’s feed with other QTip suggestions so she can help popularize the best ideas for keeping us healthy…and sane during this virus crisis!

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