Catch Up With Kim As She Hits the Big Screen in “A Question of Faith”!

“A Question of Faith” hit movie theaters on September 29, 2017. IMDB provides the following abbreviated synopsis: “When tragedy strikes three families, their destiny forces them on a converging path to discover God’s love, grace and mercy as the challenges of their fate could also resurrect their beliefs.”

This is an exciting moment to see Kim Fields back on the big screen in a movie about the Christian faith. You can see Kim’s excitement in her twitter feed leading up to the release as she did a round of interviews and appearances.

I watched/listened to Kim do four interviews, each one had its own twist. I provide links and commentary below. The first interview is audio, the next two are videos from Facebook Live, and the last is a video from ABC Radio.

Get Up! Morning with Erica Campbell. Kim describes the movie as an opportunity to share with family and friends. There is a silly moment when Kim gets asked about bringing back her song “Dear Michael.

Hello Beautiful on Facebook Live for ChickChat with Keyaira Kelly, Shamika B. Sanders and Allison McGevna. Kim talks about the movie dealing with what happens in the ashes before the phoenix rises from disaster; it is about “real faith.” Kim said she did the movie because “the character jumped off the page” for her and allowed her to grow and stretch. She found inspiration and motivation in the song “Unimaginable” from the Hamilton soundtrack; the song put her in the place she needed for the film. Kim’s big take-aways from the movie: reconciliation, race relations, and being open to things happening differently than expected. Kim also counseled that everyone needs to hold onto something. Kim said she has not figured it all out either, and thanked her husband for helping to provide balance in her life. The firecracker came out when Kim talked about turning her hair “risque red” and ignoring the haters with no home training on social media.

The Grio on Facebook Live with host Gerren Keith Gaynor. Kim repeated some of the themes from her ChickChat (see above) and introduced some new ones. Kim talked about her work with the producer. She also talked about finding God at age 14 and how her faith helps her keep her sanity. To her, the movie demonstrates the importance of just listening to each other and embracing our differences. Kim counseled people who are hurting to hang in there, quiet your spirit, and avoid bitterness. Host Gaynor reached back to the legacy of Living Single. Kim said she appreciates being recognized as a trailblazer. Kim called her experience with the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) a “social adventure”, a way to put her toe in the water. She said reality TV is a heavy time commitment and then implied that she would not do this format of entertainment again. Dancing With the Stars gave her life. Kim mentioned that there are “talks” about a Living Single reboot. Kim also provided a complete run down her current projects. She is BUSY! Finally, Kim dove into her upcoming auto-biography…

ABC Radio with Candice Williams. Kim reiterated that A Question of Faith is “not soft.” Kim talked about her book being a good way to pause and take stock of what was at the time her 40-year anniversary of being in the business. I was taken by surprise when Kim mentioned she is developing her own hair line!

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

The following trailer for the movie is well-done and builds the drama and the story nicely. Kim gets plenty of “airtime” here. I love the video still used for the cover given Kim’s prominence front and center!

CBN News interviewed producer Angela White about the movie. White talked about the naturalness of questioning God at some point and through that questioning rediscovering faith. CBN also interviewed director Kevan Otto, starring actor Richard T. Jones, gospel singer Jaci Velasquez, T.C. Stallings from the faith-based movie “War Room”, and other actors and actresses and staff from the film. This clip also includes testimonials from people who reviewed the movie. Kim appears at the 10:50 and 16:37 marks. This 23-minute segment is captivating, and I highly recommend fans watch it. If you watch it before the movie, you will be even MORE eager to run out to see it! If you watch it after seeing the movie, you will gain additional insights.


Kim Fields appears as a pastor's wife in the movie "A Question of Faith."
Kim Fields appears as a pastor’s wife in the movie “A Question of Faith.”

Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie "A Question of Faith."
Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie “A Question of Faith.”
Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie "A Question of Faith."
Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie “A Question of Faith.”

Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie "A Question of Faith."
Kim Fields talks about the experience of the movie “A Question of Faith.”

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