Kim Fields Promotes Victoria Shaffer’s “Be A Blessing” Campaign

Kim Fields is working with Victoria Schaffer Designs to promote a “Be A Blessing” campaign.

From Shaffer’s webiste:

“Sometimes the daily demands made on our lives by others, can become overwhelming. We become so consumed with commitments to our children, our bosses or bills, that we often forget just how BLESSED we are. In the worst of storms we must reach within for balance and peace. Our blessing as human beings is our ability to reach beyond the physical senses, but we often forget to use this precious gift.

Remembering just how blessed we are begins with being a blessing to others. By doing so we tap directly into the universal laws of reciprocity and receive ten-fold, that which we give.

Now, that the campaign has officially launched. You are invited to join us on this mission and journey to remind ourselves and others with this thought provoking gift, that will remind us daily‚Ķ the we are BLESSED.”

The campaign appears to focus on selling two different bracelets that each serve as daily reminders of our blessings. The idea is to “bless forward” as gifts and to help Shaffer raise funds to go into full-scale production, creating jobs and blessings along the way. She is targeting $50,000 in the next month through an Indiegogo campaign.

Shaffer has created a mailing list to stay current on this campaign. I am most interested to see Kim’s involvement as she is listed as one of Shaffer’s clients. Kim most recently helped promoted the “Bank Black” campaign, so she is clearly flexing her promotional muscles!

Stay tuned!

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