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My Research (in Learning Organization and Knowledge Management)

Learning Organization and Knowledge Management
(My Research Interest)

I have now accumulated a whole host of sites on this topic. The field has really exploded in the 1990s, and more and more companies, consultants, and academics are expressing/advertising their views over the Web.

So I am now in the process of changing the format! Click the above heading to get my entire "library" of links. In the coming weeks, I will clean-up the format to include summaries and evaluations/reviews of various sites. I will also soon publish my extensive reading list of books and articles.

*This site was listed, amongst many other useful resources in Knowledge Management, in The Knowledge Management Yearbook 1999-2000 (thanks to Robert Magnan for compiling the list and including mine!!!)

*Page last changed on August 21, 2005

Thanks for your support, contributions, and comments over this year of continuous building, learning, and creation!

Please send email (by clicking here) if you have other links/suggestions not included here. Also let me know how this resource may have helped you. Make sure you tell your friends and tell these sites that you first saw them here!

Finally, please note that, unless otherwise specifically noted, information listed here is as-is and is NOT intended as an endorsement of any ideology, individual, group, organization, or institution.

"*" indicates a recently added item (use your browser's find function)...The date of the change is included. Quotations are copied directly from the respective site.

Institutions and Organizations

A Business Researcher's Interests: Management & Technology Resource

Advanced Information Processing and Analysis Steering Group

"The Advanced Research and Development Committee(AR & DC) charters the Advanced Information Processing and Analysis Steering Group (AIPASG) as the primary Intelligence Community (IC) mechanism for defining and improving the information environment of the intelligence analyst.

The AIPASG's primary responsibility will be to articulate key analytical processes in order to facilitate the development and proliferation of critical emerging technologies that enable analysts to capture, reveal, represent, create, and share knowledge."

American Society for Training & Development

"ASTD is the leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues, providing information, research, analysis and practical information derived from the knowledge and experience of its members, its conferences and publications, and the coalitions and partnerships it has built through research and policy work.

ASTD's mission is to provide leadership to individuals, organizations, and society to achieve work-related competence, performance, and fulfillment."

Association of Knowledgework

"At the Association of Knowledgework, people from every specialty cross professional, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together. This is not just another website. It is a virtual home for those who work with this stuff called knowledge. Join your Community of Practice and connect with the interdisciplinary Community Network."

Bayesian Knowledge Discovery

"The Information Society uses information and generates data. These data are stored in large and fast-growing databases and represent the challenge of exploiting these data to enhance planning, prediction, and decision making. The Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Project aims at developing methods and tools, based on sound statistical theories, to take up this challenge."

Benchmarking Informational Resources - Businesses and Organizations

Business Process Resource Center: Knowledge Management

Includes definitions, papers, other links, and future events.

Center for Workforce Development

"The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) conducts worldwide research into what tools, strategies, and design elements are the most effective approaches in workforce development. CWD views workforce development as a process which assists all people in accessing and maximizing opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to participate in productive work. The Center for Workforce Development works with employers, communities, states, regions, and countries to help them achieve competitive advantage in the global economy by means of strategic investments in the education and training of current and future workers and improved linkages between educators, employers, policymakers, and related organizations."

Centre for Organisational Learning and Change Management

A Nijenrode Univeristy (The Netherlands) Competence Centre

Centre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe (CREATE)

"CREATE is an independent centre which carries out research, consultancy and public speaking assignments for multi-national companies, European governments and the EC.

We specialise in research on the future of work, organisation and society. Subjects that have received special attention in recent years include: leadership development; labour market flexibility in general and mindset flexibility in particular; HR development and company competitiveness; culture change, especially how not to do it; coaching and mentoring; improving employability; knowledge management; talent management.

Its research forms the basis of high profile reports which attract widespread coverage on radio, TV and in newspapers."

The Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia

"The Centre addresses the issues of identification and measurement of outcomes from rural vocational education and training (VET) for learners, trainers, businesses, funding bodies, policy makers and local communities. The Centre is rapidly becoming a key communications and research centre for rural and regional adult and vocational education and training. It is establishing strong links with researchers and VET providers throughout the country and overseas as well as with government, business, industry bodies and community organisations.

Its mission is to enhance the effectiveness of learning in regional Australia by conducting and disseminating research.

The Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society

            "Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professionals is a non-profit international organization devoted to

                  the development of communities of practice and interest for Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professionals.
                  CKIMPS provides the technical and organizational infrastructure for communities of practice to share observations, insights,
                  and lessons learned with each other electronically or physically."

Creativity Web

"The Creativity Web is a resource center where you can find information to help you become more creative. Techniques, books, software, people, and other Internet resources are some of the things you will find here."

 Communaute IKM (also at

"Vous pouvez contribuer en ligne à de nombreuses bases de la communauté ! Des bases de connaissance, annuaires, forums, espaces de recherches et offres de compétences "

Community in the Workplace Website

"The original impetus for creating this site came from the book "Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business (New Leaders Press, 1995)." Several of the co-authors of that anthology have joined force to build this cyberhome of the community building movement"

E.C.L.O. - European Consortium for the Learning Organisation

"The European Consortium of the Learning Organisation, is an international non profit making association established in Belgium in 1993.

It consists of European organisations both from the corporate and academic worlds. It is open to any organisation interested and committed to explore new directions for successful business and people development in a learning organisation perspective.

Egroups: Knowledge-Management-Systems

            "The aim of this eGroup is to provide a forum to explore the question of 'What elements should be included within a

               Knowledge Management System?' This should address the key cultural, technological and practical components
               for an organisation to be considered to be successfully managing internal and external 'knowledge.'"


"One-stop portal for KM and Intellectual Capital experts worldwide - Professional networks, live knowledge response center, research, trends, news, World Intellectual Capital Exchange (wICx), publishing services, and home of the KM Certification Program."

Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development (FEND - Spain)

"FEND is a non-profit federation of leading companies and universities working in collaboration to research, develop, test, and disseminate state- of-the-art in Enterprise Knowledge Management and Innovation.

FEND facilitates communication and Collective Know-How development in order to support its members in their migration towards Knowledge Organisations and serves as a "meeting point" for an expert network."

Global Knowledge 97

"Global Knowledge 97 is an ongoing global dialogue on how to harness knowledge and information as tools of sustainable and equitable development. Its focal point was an international conference on Knowledge for Development in the Information Age, co-hosted by the World Bank and the Government of Canada in June 1997, in cooperation with a broad range of public and private partners. This Web site serves as the source of information on that conference, as the site of an ongoing virtual conference that will enrich and extend the dialogue that began in Toronto in June, and as the focal point of an emerging global partnership to harness knowledge and information for development."

Gonzaga University Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies (Session 4: Learning Organizations)

i-KM Intelligence - Knowledge Management

"Développer des réseaux de savoirs. Accroître les compétences. Valoriser l'activité économique. BIENVENUE SUR LE RESEAU VIRTUEL DES ACTEURS DU KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, DE L’INTELLIGENCE ECONOMIQUE, ET DES ENTREPRISES QUI LES METTENT EN OEUVRE." Innovation Management Institute and the Global Knowledge Economics Council "The Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC) is a not-for-profit organization formed to discuss and select macro-, meso-, micro-, and firm-level plans, policies, and metrics to measure and increase efficiency of knowledge markets and the quality of knowledge at all levels. GKEC will meet annually and issue reports on various knowledge-related inputs, outputs, and trends for various countries, industries, and firms worldwide. "

Innovation Network: Corporate Innovation & Creativity

"The Innovation Network is a dynamic group of people dedicated to improving their organizations through the powerful use of innovation, creativity and collaboration skills...The Innovation Network is a professional membership association of change agents working to make their organizations more effective through innovation and creativity...Members of the Network are diverse in background, experience and education, yet share a spectrum of common values such as the importance of vision, collaboration, empowerment, personal responsibility, creativity, open information systems, communication and mutual trust and respect."

Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, Inc.

"IICR is widely recognized as the world's leading research think-tank and consulting firm in the areas of knowledge management, intellectual capital and organizational learning. Founded in 1991, the IICR is a leading provider of advisory services, practitioner and academic-based research, professional coaching, education, training, seminars, and presentations."

Intelligence - Knowledge Management (France)

            "Une technologie d'interaction puissante entre tous les acteurs du KM et de l'intelligence partagée

La création de communautés électroniques, autour d'infrastructures de connaissances et compétences partagées
Des services et technologies pour manager les communautés virtuelles, leurs connaissances, leurs compétences
mise en oeuvre des projets de KM, accompagnement, choix de méthodologies et technologies
formations et publications KM, IE, recherche de connaissances, formation des formateurs de ces domaines
ingénierie de la rechercherche de connaissances"

International Knowledge Management Institute

"The KM Institute is dedicated to researching, defining, publishing and sharing KM knowledge in variously blended formats truly suited to learner needs, whether instructional or non-instructional content. It provides what expert KM practitioners need to know for successful application of enterprise KM and what all KM Professionals need to know for career success applying Personal KM in the Knowledge Age. The KM Institute is developing the non-instructional content of the KM Body of Knowledge (KMBOK™) and to leveraging that knowledge and emerging KM learning objectives, to develop and deliver KM Learning and Certification Programs for all levels of KM competence."

Investors In People (U.K.)

"Investors in People is a national quality standard which sets a level of good practice for improving an organisation's performance through its people."

Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management

"Mission: To share and transfer the results of our deep study, learning, and continuous mastery of knowledge management, with individuals, teams, and organizations, so that together we can develop the competence to solve knowledge management problems with confidence and skill."

KM Actu

(A French community portal about knowlege management and E-learning) "Bienvenue, sur ce portail internet dédié aux problématiques du management des compétences et des connaissances."

Know-Org (based in the U.K.)

"A list for academics engaged in research and scholarship in the field of organizational learning and knowledge management."

Knowledge Ecology University

"KEUTM's core faculty and Community Intelligence Labs, the organization that stewards the Knowledge Ecology University, invite you to a learning journey into an ecosystem of knowledge to use for becoming a better practitioner of your calling. "

Next course (Nov 2-14, 1999): Increasing An Organization's Intelligence

Knowledge Garden

"In the spirit of "knowledge ecology", the CoIL (Community Intelligence Labs) team believes that knowledge and knowledge workers are not to "manage" and regiment. Knowledge and intelligence are emergent, distributed qualities of communities of practice; they grow best in mutually supportive relationships in and among those communities.

This Knowledge Garden is a public service of Community Intelligence Labs, a part of the global commons: the shared knowledge of humankind. It's also a common ground, on which members of various communities of practice can meet, explore ideas that span the boundaries of multiple communities, discover new knowledge together, and accelerate the knowledge flows among themselves."

Knowledge Inc.

"The Executive Report on Knowledge, Technology and Performance. Knowledge Inc. is a monthly executive newsletter that covers 'information technology, organizational learning and optimal performance' in the workplace."

Knowledge & Innovation Management Professional Society

"KIMPS is a non-profit international organization devoted to the development of communities of practice and interest for Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professionals."

Knowledge Management

"Knowledge Management is the broad process of locating, organizing, transferring, and using the information and expertise within an organization. The overall knowledge management process is supported by four key enablers: leadership, culture, technology, and measurement."

Knowledge Management (Dept of Information Studies at Univeristy of Technology in Sydney, Australia)

Includes several resource links and articles and definitions

Knowledge Management, Gestion des connaissances, Action Intelligence Management

{This site is basically trying to promote Knowledge Mangement as a concept in the francophone world. The author(s) feel the US, and ANglophone countries are way ahead in development}

"Le MCC, management de la Connaissance, inséparable d'un management des Compétences, très développé Outre-Atlantique, sous les nom de KM - Knowledge Management, commence à être connu et reconnu dans le monde francophone. Notre métier consiste à développer cette connaissance et à la mettre en oeuvre, pour et avec nos clients et partenaires."

Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning: @BRINT (tm): EXTENSIVE site. This is a MUST see!

"This site provides thousands of pointers to other resources on the Web dealing with Organizational Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning, including articles, books, bibliographies and tools."

Knowledge Management Consortium International

"The KMC is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 devoted to developing a balanced view of knowledge management from the context of an organization. What we mean by balanced is to define knowledge management as part of a complex adaptive system involving people, processes, and tools. The end result of the KMC's efforts is to provide a practical, measurable application of KM to businesses and other organizations."

The Knowledge Management Forum

"The Knowledge Management Forum, referred to simply as the KM Forum has been established to promote a better understanding of an emerging concept that has come to be referred to as 'Knowledge Management.'

What is KM - A summary of discussions on that knowledge management is and isn't. The initial thoughts were provided by the KM Forum's host, Bo Newman. Additional thoughts on the topic by members of the KM Forum have been, and will continue to be added as they are expressed by the KM Forum participants."

Knowledge Management Home Page

"This site is dedicated to knowledge management as it relates to the business world. It includes products for knowledge management, organizations that can provide information on knowledge management and other resources and publications, including papers by knowledge management expert (and U.T. professor) Thomas Davenport."

Knowledge Management Network (The Netherlands)

"Welcome to the Knowledge Management Network Home Page!

The International Knowledge Management Network aims at the promotion and development of knowledge management within organisations and agglomorations of organisations. Main objectives are the improvement of business processes and enhancement of competitive power by employing an integral and problem oriented approach to knowledge management."

The Knowledge Management Professional Society

"A Washington, D.C. based, not-for-profit, member-driven network committed to promoting KM worldwide. Created by KM Professionals - for KM Professionals involved with KM, Change Management, Information Management, Innovation, Human and Intellectual Capital, and much more! Serves the professional needs of the KM community through training, consulting, mentoring, partnerships, networking, publishing, free advertising and more! Chapter driven, locally and globally, working together to invigorate the KM community!"

Knowledge On-Line (United Kingdom)

"Knowledge On-Line is the central information and communication forum for Chief Knowledge Officers and Knowledge Workers world-wide."

Knowledge Science Institute (Canada)

"The KSI was founded at the University of Calgary in 1985 with a mandate to study all aspects of the knowledge economy."

Knowledge Systems Laboratory (Stanford University)

"The Knowledge Systems Lab (KSL) conducts research in the core Artificial Intelligence areas of knowledge representation and reasoning, within the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Current work focuses on design and development of knowledge servers; multi-use ontologies, knowledge bases and knowledge system modules; computational environments for modeling the structure, behavior and functionality of physical devices; compositional modeling; architectures for adaptive intelligent systems; and knowledge-based systems for science, engineering and defense applications."

Knowledge, Technology, and Policy

"A quarterly journal of epistemology and political economy as mediated by technology.

The Editorial Board of Knowledge, Technology & Policy is receptive to articles that rest comfortably in the nexus of the three areas mentioned in the title. By "knowledge" we mean epistemology, particularly how changing technologies impact the way we learn and know things. "Policy" refers to what we should do about it (if anything) as individuals, communities and governments."

Knowledge Work and Tools Questionnaire : "This is a research questionnaire for a student project at the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, in the UK."

KnowMads (Independent North Carolina Chapter of the KMCI turns into Knomads)

        "We are a community of individuals exchanging and creating knowledge about Knowledge Management. Our objective is to expand

     our competence in knowledge management through networking and personal & professional development activities. Ultimately we
     hope this expanded competence will positively impact our organizations, community and world."

The Laboratory for Interactive Learning (University of New Hampshire, U.S.A.)

"The Laboratory was created to design, publish, disseminate and conduct training programs for innovative, group-centered learning.

Activities include our sustainable development games, Fish Banks, Ltd. and Stratagem, and an art-based writing program called 'Image-Making Within The Writing Process.' There is an extensive program to publish and disseminate educational materials on systems thinking and team building."

Learning-Org Dialog on Learning Organizations

"This site includes discussion dialogs about learning organizations. It includes information about a Learning-Org mailing list and archive, as well as an amusing section on people's responses to the question, "Why a Learning Organization?" Sponsored by Richard Karash, speaker, facilitator and trainer on learning organizations."

Lifelong Learning Committee (Finland, Ministry of Education)

Summary of the National Lifelong Learning Strategy, October, 1997.

"...The only way to respond adequately to the need for broadly based, continuous learning caused by this social change is to promote learning in every aspect of people's lives. In addition to educational institutions, this means learning at work, in societies, in the home, and through leisure activities and hobbies. In a similar manner, the viewpoint of education policy and other policy areas which have a bearing on learning, such as employment policy, trade and industry and social policy, is broadening into a policy for the promotion of learning..."

Local Government Management Board (LGMB) Organisational Learning Website (U.K.)

"The Organisational Learning Project aims to improve organisational learning in local authorities and their partner organisations by applying insights from complexity science and systems thinking to teamwork, change management, innovation and service improvement."

MG Taylor Corporation

"We invent, design, develop and deliver tools, processes and environments that facilitate individuals and organizations in their transition to a knowledge-based world.

We are a network of individually owned and operated 'management centers' (Enterprises of One).

The MG Taylor enterprise is the Business of Enterprise model and consists of all of the clients (including the ones we are not working directly with at this time), the knowledge worker network (past and present), KnOwhere Stores, client centers and a larger environment of vendors that support all of our work."

MIT Organizational Learning Network

"The site is run by MIT's Center for Organizational Learning, a partnership between researchers and major corporations who are building learning organizations."

Minnesota Innovation Research Program

"This page links you to the papers and presentation notes on the Minnesota Innovation Research Program (MIRP). Since 1983 this research program has been engaged in longitudinal field studies that track the development of a wide variety of innovations from concept to implementation."

Open Space Institute

"We believe that inspired behavior can be an everyday experience and that humanity is limited by its perceptions of the possible. The OSI was created to grow that sense of possibility and make it a reality by focusing on: learning, research and practice."

Pegasus Communications Home Page

"At Pegasus, we are dedicated to helping organizations soar to new heights of excellence. We help managers explore, understand, and articulate the challenges they face in managing the complexities of an ever-changing business world. By providing the forum and resources, Pegasus keeps you on the forefront of management innovation with leading-edge publications, conferences, and other materials about systems thinking and organizational learning — a powerful framework and set of tools for building a learning environment in your organization through a systemic approach."

People Capability Maturity ModelSM (P-CMMSM ) - The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

"The People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM) is a maturity framework that describes the key elements of managing and developing the work force of an organization. It describes an evolutionary path from an ad hoc approach to managing the workforce, to a mature, disciplined development of the knowledge, skills, and motivation of the people that fuels enhanced performance.

The purpose of the P-CMM is to enhance the readiness of software development and information systems organizations to undertake increasingly complex applications by helping them to attract, grow, motivate, deploy, and retain the talent necessary to improve their software development capability."

Program on Social and Organizational Learning (Also see http://psol.gmu.edu )

"The Program on Social and Organizational Learning (PSOL) is an inter-disciplinary program within the College of Arts and Sciences at George Mason University.Our focus is understanding 'social learning', or the way knowledge comes to be discovered, conveyed, and used in social systems and organizations."

Simply Better! (U.S. Department of Labor)

"Simply Better! is a network of employment and training professionals and organizations committed to continuous improvement of their services and outcomes, to customer satisfaction, and to exceptional quality. We are creating a learning network to spread the skills and tools of continuous improvement throughout the employment and training system. This network will help us become partners in discovering new and better ways of doing our jobs and serving our customers. There is no membership process_all you need is a desire to improve, a willingness to try, and an eagerness to learn from your peers."

Skandia - Intellectual Capital (Sweden)

"Skandia is an international corporation offering insurance and financial services in its Nordic home market and elsewhere around the world." This link explains Skanida's IC concept and describes IC products offered by Skandia.

Smartgroups: Knowledge Management

            "A group discussing the innovative and evolving subject of Knowledge Management"

Some Principles of Knowledge Management

Stanford Learning Organization Web (SLOW)

"SLOW is an informal network of Stanford researchers, staff, students and businesspeople interested in learning organizations. One of SLOW's interests is the use of information technology to enable team learning and learning communities. The site includes references to articles, books, videos and other resources."

Articles, Blogs, Journals, and Similar Resources

Search Now:

@Knowledge Magazine

"@Knowledge magazine is an Internet zine and radio show which discusses Knowledge management."

A Different View of Organizational Learning by Sue Gilly (date?)

The Age of Social Transformation by Peter Drucker (Atlantic Monthly, Nov 1994)

An Assessment of the Knowledge Processing Environment in an Organisation - A Case Study (dissertation by Daniel Vlok, January, 2004 - 3.0MB in size)

An Interview With Chris Argyris by Joel Kurtzman (Booz, Allen, & Hamilton's Journal of Strategy and Business, First Quarter, 1998)

The Anatomy of Fire by Tom Brown

An e-book about the role of new ideas and new thinking as the core for leadership. The theme of the book is that intellectual capital is the ONLY enduring capital.

Building the Knowledge-Driven Economy (The 1998 Competitiveness White Paper from the Department of Trade & Industry in the United Kingdom)

Bibliography on Knowledge Management

BNET Articles (as of July 14, 2000 there are at least 2 relevant articles....registration required)

CIO Magazine - Reality Check - Knowledge Management

Competing Philosophies of Truth in Business and How They Influence Knowledge Management

CoP: How to optimize organizational learning

 Electronic Journal of eLearning : "The Electronic Journal of e-Learning provides perspectives on topics relevant to the study, implementation and management of e-Learning initiatives. The journal contributes to the development of both theory and practice in the field of e-Learning."

Emergence : "Emergence publishes articles of a qualitative nature relating complex systems, sensemaking, psychology, philosophy, semiotics, and cognitive science to the management of organizations both public and private."

Excerpts from Books for Learning Leaders

Fast Company

First-Ever "Knowledge Professorship" Created At UC Berkeley's Haas School Of Business

Harvest your Workers' Knowledge (Datamation July 1996)

How Do You Manage Knowledge? (Support Management, Sept/Oct 1997): see "back issues" after October or follow this link ...by Peter Dorfman.

Information Overlord (SiliconValley.com: Special Report) : "Michael Keller has just gotten Stanford ready to face the 21st century. Now he's thinking long term: storing human knowledge for 10,000 years."


Journal of Intellectual Capital

Journal of Systemic Knowledge Management: (on-line journal): I wrote an article for Issue #1. :)

"Knowledge management is the next logical step beyond the learning organisation. This is the first journal to bring together theory and case studies in this hot topic to provide progressive organisations with an holistic understanding and practical insight.

The J. Systemic Knowledge Management began publishing its first articles in January, 1998 in a bold new "open library" concept. We're sure you'll appreciate the synergies this promotes. You can submit material for publication by visiting the submissions page."

KMWorld (magazine: web/paper)

"KMWorld is the only IT business-to-business publication dedicated exclusively to linking buyers and sellers of KM technologies, systems and products together. Our mission is to be the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management Systems market."

Katzman, Joe : Personal reflections and writings (also see his resource page)

Know-how's Not Easy: How to Keep Knowledge Management from Flickering Out

Knowledge-At-Work (A Publication of Knowledge Management Associates, Inc.)

"Knowledge at Work is a WWW-based publication devoted to the practical aspects of knowledge management. Its goal is to bring order and sense to this vital — but often confusing — domain of business activity."

Knowledge Bridge : " This blog bridges worlds of knowledge management from Brazil to Europe to China."

Knowledge Management by Gene Bellinger (of OutSights) : article includes numerous related sites.

Knowledge Management by "Free Pint" (July 15, 2000): Registration required.

Knowledge Management In Manufacturing Companies (2001): As of March 24, only available in Spanish

Knowledge Management Magazine: Business Intelligence for Strategic Decision Makers


"The Knowledge Management, Auditing and Mapping Magazine"

Knowledge Mapping by Denham Grey (1999?)

Knowledge Science Institute Publications

Management General

"New ideas on leading your organization, community, yourself...Our mission is to define, establish, and promote managerial leadership in modern organizations."

Go to their search page to locate articles by such authors as Thomas Stewart, Arie de Geus, Meg Wheatley, and Hal Rosenbluth. OR you can investigate the following links (alphabetzied by author's last name):

Kimball and Mareen Fisher talking about organizations built with "distributed minds"

Arie de Geus on the need for organizations to learn faster

William Halal interview on people as a key intellectual resource

Maureen Malanchuk on information/intelligence "floods"

Ian Mitroff on the misuse of intelligence to solve major organizational problems

Jane Seiling talking about how knowledge is what builds a true membership organization

Thomas Stewart on managing your brainpower

Daniel Tobin on knowledge as a major enabler

Knowledge Technology and Policy

"The Editorial Board of Knowledge, Technology & Policy is receptive to articles that rest comfortably in the nexus of the three areas mentioned in the title. By "knowledge" we mean epistemology, how changing technologies impact the very way we think. Knowledge also refers to how we organize, access and use information; indeed, how we transform information into knowledge. "Policy" refers to what we should do about these things (if anything) as individuals, communities and governments."

Managing Global Knowledge Development: A study at the MIT Sloan School of Management .

Mind on the Job - Newsletter of Organizational Consultants

"Mind On The Jobtm is a compendium of ideas and opinions about the ways people think, choose, feel, and act in the workplace... Mind On The Jobtm focuses on the ways in which knowledge, thinking, and attitudes connect to outcomes at work. What blend of mind and emotion helps managers? What collective conditions of mind - the movements in the heads and hearts of a group - make for a significant and successful organizational life? What interventions work in altering and transforming the mind-set of an organization?"

MCB University Press (free journal of the week)

SPECIAL OFFER for one week only (starting April 26): The Learning Organization and Journal of Organizational Change Management have FREE access.

Machlup, Fritz.  GKEC is republishing his works. View the table of contents of his works and order ....

On intellectual capital and knowledge management (by Simon Buckingham)

The People Are the Company

Running Light (a journal by Stowe Boyd)

Situating discussions about 'knowledge' by Mike Chumer, Richard Hull and Craig Prichard (An Introduction to their book)

Some Implications of the Shift to Knowledge Work (by Fred Nickols, also appeared in the October 1983 issue of Performance & Instruction).

Some Principles of Knowledge Management (this site also contains EXCELLENT links to other resources)

Towards an Interdisciplinary Theory of Organizational Learning (unpublished, Aug 1995, by Tony Polito, PhD Student, U. of Georgia) - Microsoft Word 2.0 Document.

Transferring Knowledge-Based Technology into an Organisation

Using Knowledge about Intellectual Capital®

What Is Knowledge Management?

Conferences (in reverse chronoligcal order where applicable, includes past and upcoming events)


Aligning Knowledge Management and Complexity (date unspecified, see site for more info), United Kingdom

Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)

European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop

Knowledge Circuit (from Knowledge Inc.)

A list of upcoming domestic and international conferences in knowledge management.

Knowledge Management : Increasing corporate power through knowledge management conference

Pegasus Systems Thinking Conferences

 UNICOM Knowledge Management Conferences


 *{Aug 21} Knowledge Management International Conference & Exhibition (KMICE), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: June 6 - 8,2005.
"Knowledge as an intellectual capital has become an important asset to any nation nowadays. As knowledge is a valuable resource that allows us to function intelligently, any nation is constantly encouraged to use the brainpower to complement the rapid development of Information Technology (IT), a vital tool for generating and managing knowledge.
Realizing its importance, Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition (KMICE) will once again provide a platform for international presentation of research finding as well as discussion and sharing of recent advances in the field. This conference will bring together leading researchers and developers in a wide variety of areas, with a common interest in improving the state of the art of knowledge management (KM). This conference will also bring together people from the academia and industry to establish closer cooperation and ties, and creation of K-based society."

 International Ph.D. Seminar on Organizational Learning, Networks and Communities: Innovations in the Emerging Strategic Entrepreneurship Field , Vrije Universiteit Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Public Administration & Organization Science: June 13 - 17, 2005. Contact: Wouter Stam, E-mail: phdseminar@fsw.vu.nl. (Application deadline April 15, 2005)
"Discovering and exploiting opportunities is a challenge for organizations. It requires new knowledge to be combined with existing competencies. Three related perspectives will be discussed to examine how to create a favourable context for individuals/employees to take initiatives to pursue opportunities. The organizational learning perspective gives insights into the enabling factors for knowledge creation. New knowledge has to be discovered and recombined in order to develop innovative solutions. The network perspective is of interest because it focuses on the role of ‘who you know’ in the search for new knowledge. The position of the actor in the network as well as the type of ties, weak or strong, have an impact on his access to new information. Networks not only give access to new information, they provide firms (in particular innovative start-ups) access to communities. Recent research into the industrial and organizational community perspective stresses that the emergence of new industries requires numerous roles from the diverse set of entrepreneurs and organizations, both public and private. Interactions between the various players in a community and information sharing between them, plays an important role in organizational learning processes. In addition, participation in these communities may provide legitimacy to innovative initiatives."




Consultants and Other Related Product/Service Companies (note: many of these companies also maintain their own links and resource banks of OL and KM related material)

A.D. Experts, Inc.

"We are recognized for supplying software products and services and for developing, deploying and managing enterprise business solutions using the 4Keeps® Architecture....ADX has applied the 4Keeps Architecture to knowledge management, business process management, e-commerce applications, information modeling, network modeling and Visio product customization."

Accenture Learning

"Accenture Learning delivers significant improvements in business results by rapidly unleashing the value of your workforce, channel partners, and customers. Accenture Learning is one of the largest and most forward-thinking learning services providers in the world, delivering more than 14 million hours of training to more than 1 million learners globally each year. Providing a full range of learning services–from content development to learning management–each solution is designed to meet specific client needs. Using our innovative approach, we work with organizations to establish a clear and ongoing link between learning investments and business results. Our deep industry knowledge, patented learning processes and technologies, and proven global delivery capabilities uniquely position Accenture Learning to help organizations convert their learning investments into business performance."

Alpha Microsystems

"Alpha Microsystems serves the Internet and intranet markets through its software, services and technologies. The company also provides products and services such as consulting, maintenance, software, hardware and networking, both directly and through value-added resellers and distributors."

"Anuva Document & Knowledge Management software has been specifically designed and priced for small to medium sized organizations.  Anuva combines all the features of a mainstream document management system, plus a few others, with the ease of use that managers should demand of all business software. Anuva uses a combination of metadata and full text searching functionality as opposed to the old fashioned folder hierarchy system."

Applied Knowledge Group

"AKG is a Reston, Virginia based company founded in 1996 by people with vast experience in using technology to manage change...What we have in common is our mastery of the skills and techniques your company needs to begin using computer and communications technology in fresh, exciting and wonderfully profitable ways. We know what it takes to enable people to share their knowledge."


"Celemi helps companies rapidly improve business perofrmance through their people."

"As the only full-function on-demand solution currently available, Cornerstone makes user-configuration, and rapid, low-risk global implementation a reality today. No software to install. No vendor negotiations necessary. Your hardware or ours.
Cornerstone provides an extensible platform to build completely integrated Learning Management, Performance Management, Content Management, and Compliance Management systems in any order, at any time; and enables you to more effectively leverage your workforce and improve organizational performance now - not months into the future."

CornerStone Consulting Associates

"Building Learning Communities Through Whole-System Change"

Corporate University Xchange Inc.

"Corporate University Xchange, Inc. is an education research and consulting firm that assists organizations in optimizing their education and training resources."

Dataware Technologies

"...the leading provider of software for enterprise information access and professional electronic publishing. Dataware’s innovative software products integrate information from a wide variety of sources and allow for access and publishing via intranets and the Internet, enterprise networks, CD-ROM, commercial online services, print-on-demand and combinations of these media.

The Dataware II Knowledge Management Suite enables users to contribute, manage and share knowledge across and beyond the enterprise."

David Skyrme Associates (Knowledge Connections)

"David Skyrme Associates is a world-wide network of experts in the application of global networked information and communications technologies for innovation and sustainable growth. We are helping to create the dynamic, wealth creating global knowledge networks of the 21st century. Our primary domains of expertise are:

Knowledge Management...

Telework, Teletrade and Telecooperation...

Telework Development...

The Internet..."

Decision Support Associates (Business Learning PlatformTM )

"Recently we introduced a new paradigm in decision support technology, the Business Learning PlatformTM, a fully integrated dynamic simulation system which contains the 'feedback mathematics of business' TM , a DeSA exclusive. This product has extraordinary potential for improving business performance by applying Systems Thinking to Knowledge Management.

The BLP is a new, smart, prebuilt business simulation and learning system. It's a dynamic, knowledge-based simulation system incorporating the fundamental and dynamic relationships of business. The BLP provides an efficient way to model and simulate current and proposed business operations resulting in rapid learning, better - more inclusive - decisions, and savings in time and money."

Entovation International

"ENTOVATION International is the hub of a world-wide network of experts in the new methods of Knowledge Innovation (sm)...In the dynamic competitive environments of the 1990s, ENTOVATION INTERNATIONAL can help you develop and implement winning strategies, through our in-depth competences in:

Knowledge Management, Innovation Strategy, Learning Networks, Economic Collaboration, Customer Innovation; Value-Systems, not Value-Chain; Technology Transfer, 'Community of Practice', Enterprise Transformation, Strategy Performance."


"...The premiere site for approaches to the analysis and design of software systems that result in improved business performance (EPSS, Performance Centered Design, Knowledge Management), and Performance Support Engineering."

Ernst & Young LLP: Center for Business Knowledge (also check the E&Y Knowledge Management business )

"The CBK is Ernst & Young's secret weapon. When E&Y professionals need to know, they turn to the vast resources of the CBK. Through database compilation and management, value-added research and other knowledge-based services, the CBK provides E&Y professionals with the most accurate and timely knowledge and information possible...

The Center, created in 1993, was established to harness the vast knowledge of the firm's thousands of employees and to distribute and integrate that knowledge into all of our work so that we deliver the maximum amount of fact based professional services to our clients."

Excalibur Technologies

"Founded in 1980, Excalibur Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: EXCA) is the pioneer of innovative Knowledge Retrieval software solutions that transform information into knowledge. We empower people and enable organizations to quickly analyze, index, catalog, browse, access, search, retrieve and more easily share all enterprise knowledge assets, be they paper, text, images or video."

Experient Technologies

"We can help you turn information into knowledge faster than a NASDAQ minute...Most "unique among our solutions offering is Calypso, our online/offline courseware delivery platform. A 100% Java product, Calypso offers outstanding management of changing content and functional requirements as well as robust testing, reporting and tracking systems. It uses the Internet, or any network, to exchange content updates, reports, new features, application and functions directly to the user's course on his computer or wireless device - yet the user need not be online to use the program!"

Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

"Strategies, tools and connections for building a learning organization, based on Peter Senge's popular book on learning organizations."


"FUSION works with training and e-learning company executives to help them come up with exciting new learning products and services -- and sell more of the offerings they already have.  Publishes a monthly e-mail advisory service called Training Business E-Visory with more than 3300 subscribers, including 400+ training and e-learning company owners and CEOs. Click link to subscribe for free -- and to browse nearly 30 back issues. "


"GroupWorX is a growing team of senior managers and consultants who choose to focus on knowledge management, working with divisions of leading corporations to embed knowledge management into their business process- from product development to customer service to marketing. This leads to holistic and sustainable change that transforms organizational culture and is resulting in proven, practical business benefits for an increasing number of clients."

Garzon Research

"Garzon Research specializes in information management research solutions for Higher Education Organizations, Technology Companies and Research Firms by increasing ROI from their existing knowledge base. We focus on two solutions: Custom market and industry analytics and knowledge assessment of data and information for business development functions."

The Harvard Computing Group, Inc.

(Also see their on-line Knowledge Management Seminar )

"The Harvard Computing Group was formed in 1994. Our consulting practice is comprised of experts in Internet and workgroup technologies.

We offer Enterprise programs to help with the complex decision making programs for Knowledge Management systems, along with education programs to assist in the decision making and roll-out process.

We also offer business development programs for vendors and integrators looking to expand either product offerings or distribution strategies."

High Performance Systems, Inc.

"High Performance Systems, Inc. (HPS) was founded in 1985 when Barry Richmond, then a Professor at Dartmouth College, decided that Systems Thinking was too good to keep tied-up in a technical wrapper and sequestered within the hallowed halls of academia. HPS continues to be the market leader in creating innovative products (for both Windows and Macintosh platforms) and services for the community of people interested in Systems Thinking and the related fields of organizational learning, change management, and competitive strategy."

IBEX Knowledge Systems

"IBEX Knowledge Systems S.A. is a leading provider of Knowledge Management solutions, healthcare products, development and consulting services."

Idea Group Publishing

"Idea Group Publishing (IGP) is an innovative international publishing company, founded in 1987, specialized in information science and technology books and journals. IGP produces high quality research and professional publications aimed at aiding information science and technology professionals in keeping up with emerging innovations, technologies, and managerial techniques, allowing them to achieve greater strategic utilization and management of technology in their organizations. The company takes pride in its access to some of the leading experts in the field of information science and technology to author its publications."


"Imaginatik is a software development and management consulting company specialised in knowledge management. Our focus is on the areas of high strategic value for large multinational organisations, namely management of innovation and business control."


"Inference Corporation is the leading provider of knowledge management solutions that help people in business solve problems for other people. Inference's knowledge management products, developed around its Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) technology, are used by leading organizations around the world – at telesales and telemarketing centers, support call centers, on help desks for technology, human resources and policies, for self-help sites over the Internet, and automated resolution on the desktop."

Insight Technologies

"Insight Technologies has established itself as a key supplier of cutting edge knowledge management technology. A key document management solution developer, Insight has become the first DM company to utilise Autonomy’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Focusing entirely on providing solutions for knowledge, document and process management, Insight’s mission is: 'To provide solutions of uncompromising quality through the innovative application of focused skills and knowledge'. "

Integral, Inc.

"Integral, Inc. is a rapidly-growing international consulting company that specializes in the management of innovation.

Since its founding in 1988 by distinguished professors, Kim Clark, Ph.D., and Steven Wheelwright, Ph.D., of Harvard Business School, and economist Bruce Stangle, Ph.D., Integral has maintained close relationships with a network of well-respected academic affiliates at leading business schools. By applying the latest and best thinking Integral helps clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the areas of product and service development, manufacturing, operations, and business strategy.

Integral currently has over 80 employees and is led by 7 principals in its three corporate offices in Cambridge, MA, Menlo Park, CA and Cambridge, UK. Integral has been able to achieve and sustain an average growth rate of 30% per year, since its inception in 1988, with new clients coming from a broad range of industries..."

IKM Corportation (Integral Knowledge Management)

"IKM Corporation is a small research and development firm specializing in the fields of knowledge management and organizational intelligence."

Integral Performance Group

"Integral Performance Group is an international consulting group providing insights and strategies for learning organizations and knowledge-based enterprises. They are developers of the HoloMapping™ process for understanding complex systems and are experts in benchmarking best practices. Their innovative approaches for enhancing organizational performance have been implemented in corporations worldwide."


"IntegrationWare® is a leading provider of cutting edge solutions for information sharing. We enable enterprises to get more from their most valuable assets: collective knowledge, intellectual property, and business relationships."


"Intellectual Capital Group excels in applying soft skills to hard problems. ICG’s "boundary crossing" agents provide integrated services for strategy planning, change management, sales and marketing, organizational development, training and education, and international operations. We design programs and supporting curricula that achieve a specific business purpose while the participants enjoy the process."

Intellectual Capital Services, Ltd.

"Intellectual Capital Services Ltd. develops customised services for the identification, visualisation and measurement of growth and decline in "hidden assets" not captured in the company's balance sheet or P&L statement. We refer to these hidden assets as Intellectual Capital."

interLinx - Principles of Continuous Improvement

"interLinx helps companies improve profit by teaching and coaching the tools and Principles of Continuous Improvement...interLinx presents a simple coherent philosophy that makes sense to people and the bottom line. Few dispute that the key to business success is 'plain old customer service'. interLinx helps managers focus everyone on the real issue, 'How effective are my processes at serving my customer?'."

Knowledge Associates

"Knowledge Associates is an international management and technology consulting organisation, with Headquarters in Cambridge UK and Knowledge Centers in Europe and USA. The organisation helps its clients make the transition from Information Management to strategic Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Associates link the best in communications and knowledge sharing technology together with business strategy, key processes and people."

Knowledge Creators

"Knowledgecreators will provide structural capital elements such as monitored chat environments, theming and product concept testing areas in secure virtual space in our cocreation area."

Knowledge Era Associates

"KEE, Inc is an international consulting firm that moves companies from the confining model of the industrial era into the dynamic teaming approach of the Knowledge Era. Kee Inc. focuses on discovering the significant relationships between knowledge and values."

Knowledge Research Institute, Inc.

"The mission of Knowledge Research Institute, Inc. (KRI) is to assist organizations in building, organizing, utilizing, and safeguarding knowledge. Its goals are to promote understanding of the role, nature, and management of knowledge, and make it possible for individuals and organizations to deal creatively and effectively with knowledge assets in all its forms."

Knowledge Sharing Systems (site was incomplete as of August 19, 1997)

"Providing Innovative Solutions in Intellectual Property Management to Industry, Education and Government."

KnowledgeFarm (Content Management Solutions)

"KnowledgeFarm offers a range of Content Management services designed to insure the success of your KM implementation:

1. Knowledge Kickstart (At the beginning of your knowledge management initiative, KnowledgeFarm will help you evaluate your knowledge requirements to identify the most critical core knowledge domains); 2. Knowledge Re-Engineering; 3. Clearing the Queue (It is vital that newly created knowledge content be screened by technical domain experts and editors before it becomes part of your knowledge base); 4. Knowledge Metrics"

knowledgemanagement.com.au (Beta site as of Sep 30, 2000)

"Remain abreast of KM news & industry progress; Explore the latest approaches to portal development; Source products and services; Interact with experts for professional solutions to your portal questions; Profile Knowledge Management companies; Investigate employment opportunities."

Kynesis: Orchestrating Organisational Change (Scotland, UK)

(Includes paper on "the practical implications of learning organisations")

"Change is inevitable and unstoppable. The business environment is such that, like it or not, every organisation regularly has to reasses its goals, reinvent its operations and re-inspire its workforce.

We know from experience that change has to be orchestrated. You can't successfully alter company strategy without cultural transformation. Corporate objectives and personal ambitions have to be in harmony. And progress must be monitored - because it's all too easy for everyone to get caught up in the day-to-day issues and lose sight of the overall plan."

Learnativity (tm)

"Forget what you know about learning and training. If you're not helping people become productive you're missing the point.

This site provides an introduction to this revolutionary notion and keeps you up to date on what Marcia Conner and Wayne Hodgins are up to while promoting the concept of Learnativity."

MR Communication Consultants, Inc.

"A communications and training consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting human resource development strategies for organizations throughout North America. Our most recent award was in recognition of our Team Learning Series - a new way of learning enabling people who work together to learn together. Our latest release The Team Learning Lab operationalizes the organizational learning theories in The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge, with dramatic results."

Macroinnovation Associates, LLC

"...Macroinnovation Associates was formed...to serve as a commercial platform [to] develop an implementation of...latest thinking around "second-generation" and "demand-side" knowledge management. Products and services offered by Macroinnovation Associates consist of the Macroinnovation Method (MI method), which is a practitioner's methodology designed for use by consultants and other specialists in their attempts to assist clients with innovation improvement efforts."

Manufacturing Technology Strategies

"Manufacturing Technology Strategies, Inc. is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. We have people who help people become lifetime learners, able both to understand and to independently keep up with the rapidly changing technology that defines their jobs. If your goal is to convert your company into a "learning organization" with effective "knowledge management", we can help.

Providing Industry with a way to get people able to do what Industry needs to have done. Powerful, effective, customized training systems installed at your site."

Microsoft Digital Nervous System: Knowledge Management

"Microsoft digital technology can help businesses build successful knowledge management solutions by breaking down barriers to knowledge sharing. Read about the essentials of knowledge management in the two documents below, and then follow the links to learn more."

NetLearn Solutions

"NetLearn Solutions offers a range of online and in-person training and web-devleopment solutions."

Net Perceptions

"Net Perceptions is the world’s preeminent developer and supplier of realtime recommendation technology. Today’s most successful online businesses are leveraging this technology to do what human employees no longer can: Get to know the individual wants, needs and preferences of every customer and dynamically personalize their offerings to each customer based on that knowledge."


NextBrick Solutions is a company dedicated to the domain of Content Infrastructure solutions encompassing Content mangement, Knowledge management, Portals and Search and Taxonomy solutions.  Some of its key products in this area are: MetaUploader ; Expert Analysis System.

OGCI: Organizational Learning: Theory and Application (A Training Course)

"Who Should Attend: Knowledge management/learning personnel, technical supervisors and managers in the petroleum industry, and anyone who wants to understand and apply knowledge management and organizational learning"

Organization Transitions, Inc: Natick, MA (USA)

"Organization Transitions, Inc. uses a cost-effective approach to enhance your own capacity to:

  • align culture, learning processes, and human resource practices
  • develop capability to learn from your own experiences and that of others
  • match organization structure to work and environmental demands
  • learn from work today to work smarter tomorrow

Organization Transitions will customize a set of interventions centered around Building Organizational Learning Capability, Organization Redesign, Culture Change, or Change Management."


"OutSights is a leading-edge knowledge-creating company formed to provide organizations with internet-based, fully interactive access to the business management expertise they need to be more motivating leaders, effective managers, and productive employees.

OutSights represents an Alliance of leading business management consultants and experts, whose collective knowledge and experience will be made available to client subscribers through the OutSights Knowledge System. The power and value of the OutSights Systems is its ability to provide clients with relevant business management knowledge on-demand and in the context of their current business situations. If, for example, a manager is having difficulty with an employee, he/she can interact with the system to identify the problem, draw on information and experience within the system, and access solutions and significant perspectives."

Productivity Inc.

"The Education Company for the Knowledge Era.

Productivity, Inc. is a leading international consulting, training, newsletter, and book publishing and development firm. Since 1979, we have been helping companies worldwide achieve lasting, measurable improvement in cost, quality and delivery. Over the years, Productivity, Inc. has researched and provided the most innovative and effective management strategies and tools from the United States, Japan, Europe, and around the world."

Realyze Consulting

"Realyze Consulting specializes in showing companies how to quickly and effectively plan an eBusiness initiative. We offer consulting for: CRM/eCRM, Knowledge Management, Customer Service and Support, eLearning, Organizational/Cultural Change, Proposal Development/Management."


"RecomMind...creat(es) software that helps organizations accurately automate information management and by building user focused tools that link users with the information they need."

Reflection Learning Associates, Inc.

"Reflection Learning Associates, is a consulting firm based in Cambridge, MA. It was founded by Roth and Kleiner in 1995 as a venue for taking on in-depth learning history assignments with the flexibility, credibility, and standards they deemed necessary to bring to client projects . Working with a core group of trained and experienced associates, RLA has grown to offer consultations, trainings, and learning history project design and implementation.

To describe their work, they used the term "learning history" because it combined a retrospective chronicle of past events with a philosophy consistent with organizational learning principles."

Renaissance Worldwide, Inc.

"The combination of the former Registry and Renaissance Solutions and subsidiaries, along with The Hunter Group has resulted in a new organization-- a global company designed to help clients create and effectively implement strategies: leverage collective knowledge; design and deploy advanced applications' and maintain the networks and systems to support knowledge working.

We are a world of business strategists helping to define your company's destination and the performance goals that will get you there; knowledge management consultants leveraging corporate assets that speed performance; application development experts building state-of-the-art computer systems; and the most powerful, experience and innovative delivery management organization."


"Saba is a leading provider of Internet-based business-to-business learning networks. Our customers rely on their global learning networks to increase business performance by closing knowledge gaps, and by marketing learning offerings throughout their extended enterprises of customers, partners, employees, and suppliers."


"SearchNet is an international network of 450 consultants and non-profit leaders. What unites us is our commitment to service through the use of future search conferences to enable constructive social action in communities and organizations. Our mission has three components--service, colleagueship and learning.

While SearchNet members practice in all areas, our network focuses on non-profit and public sector conferences. For these, we donate our time or work for low fees in return for a chance to serve and learn."

Servicesoft Technologies

"Servicesoft Technologies redefines Internet Customer Service with the industry's only comprehensive end-to-end solution, consisting of self-service, e-mail management, live collaboration, and knowledge base technologies."


"ServiceWare is a leading provider of intelligent service applications that enable companies to provide enhanced customer service capabilities. Powered by MindSync™, a patented self-learning search technology, eService Suite enables businesses to develop and manage a repository of knowledge to effectively answer inquiries over the Web and in the call center."

Smith, Weaver, Smith : Cultural Changemakers

"Smith Weaver Smith prepares educational, cultural, and service industry leaders to transform their organizations for success in the knowledge economy."

This site also includes several links to knowledge management resources, including content created by the company as well.

Society for Organizational Learning

This page lists consultants either affiiliated or associated with SOL.

Stewart, Thomas

"Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations"

Strassmann, Inc. Home Page

"We offer consulting services for effective corporate information management. We offer several analytical services based on proven quantitative methods.

Information Economics Press publishes books on management and information technology."

Sveiby - Knowledge Management

"This Australian site provides an introduction to knowledge organizations, lists books and articles and provides links to research. Two unusual features are links to the sites of Scandinavian companies that practice knowledge management and a description of Tango, a model which clarifies the business logic behind the knowledge organization."

{Note you might want to start from Karl Erik Sveiby's personal homepage }


"TFPL is an international information management company offering training, consultancy, recruitment and executive search, conferences and seminars to the information market...Our strength is our understanding of how people and organisations can use information and knowledge to stimulate creativity and innovation, and to make decisions."

The Technology Broker

"The Technology Broker is a British consulting company which specialises in strategic management of intangible assets to include market, intellectual property, infrastructure and human centred assets, such as corporate knowledge."


"We acquire and manage information and expertise, and integrate them into our clients' decision making process. We serve leading companies who depend upon the creation of technology-based products for success in fast-changing competitive environments. Our solutions enable our clients to improve the development and commercialization of new products, advanced technologies, identify opportunities and achieve innovation."

Teltech Knowledge Management Services Group

            "Whether you're charged with guiding your organization's first step toward knowledge management or

            justifying the continuation or expansion of initiatives already underway, Teltech's Knowledge
            Management Services consulting group has the skills, experience and tools to support your most
            challenging business applications. We help commercial, academic, non-profit and government

Valdis Krebs: Organizational Network Consultant

"Valdis assists international clients in adapting their organizations to the network economy by modeling and molding the complex knowledge networks within and between organizations."


"Knowledge In Motion: The Power to Succeed

KnowledgeSync 2000 is a unique Knowledge Management software product that supercharges your SFA, CRM, ERP, and related applications. Unify your corporate communications, stay in the loop, and make more timely, informed, and profitable business decisions."

Wincite Systems

"Wincite Systems is a leading software provider specializing in competitive intelligence and knowledge management applications. The company's mission focuses on integrating hard and soft information from the past, present, and future to create a shared repository of accessible knowledge."


"Xanalys' advanced information management technology consists of several unique and powerful award-winning software tools and programs for data modeling, querying, visualization and analysis. This includes patented technology for natural language extraction of unstructured data, and flexible-dynamic search mechanisms (for example, searching for an exact word, a synonym, or a truncated version of the word)."

Other Resource Pages

A Bibliography of Knowledge in Organizations

An extensive list of readings in knowledge management. Created by Laurence Prusak and Suzanne Connolly, Ernst & Young LLP. It appears it was last updated December 1995

 The Gurteen Knowledge Website
"This website is a resource site aimed at people who wish to transform the way that they work; the way that they manage and interact with other people in their organization and who wish to better leverage workgroup technology. A wealth of information exists that can help us thrive in this new economy.
This site acts as a gateway to much of this knowledge and covers a growing smorgasbord of topics (both business and spiritually oriented) including Knowledge Management, Learning, Thinking, Creativity, Personal Mastery; Personal Knowledge Management and the effective use of Technology. The site has also been designed to help you connect the unconnected. You should not only be able to easily find information you are searching for but hopefully tumble into new areas of interest."

Inference's Knowledge Management Resource Page

Extensive links and other information. Includes... White Papers, Web Sites, Books, Articles, Conferences, Technology Analysts, Technology Companies, Consulting Firms, Success Stories, Influencers.

Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management

ITtoolbox Knowledge Management

"Content, community, and service for Knowledge Management professionals. The site provides technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more." (Editorial comment: This site is pretty neat! Includes a KM stock market index!)

K-Windows: Knowledge Management

"These links to other sites on the Internet will help you expand and deepen your understanding of Knowledge Management. You can expect the roster to change over time, too, as new sources are found and others are dropped. If there's a site here that you really like, make sure you add it to your browser's bookmarks/favorites list and it will always be there for you."


"The Purpose of this web site is to provide a Free Introduction to Knowledge Management (KM). The site contains a Glossary of over 100 KM Terms which can be used for quick reference. There are also many Articles detailing the areas of KM for example Software, Strategy and Techniques. Finally the site contains many Links to other KM sites News on e-learning and Free KM Software ."

KM Resources (sponsred by Smith Weaver Smith, compiled and maintained by Denham Grey)

"We are pleased to provide this comprehensive annotated introduction to Knowledge Management resources on the web.

The development of KM reference sources has been a haphazard affair since the Knowledge Management Forum site was put into mothballs during August 1996. Most sites have broken links or do not follow a consistent update policy and there is much duplication. Independent sites are maintained (and frequently not maintained) by individuals, organizations, consultants, and commercial software vendors.

This resource directory includes references to sites where KM is the main focus and to pages of KM information or links within a more comprehensive site."

Knowledge Management - NTG International Inc.

"This is a list of internet sites related to Knowledge Management. The catagories to the left contain links to pages with information, articles and services related to knowledge management. These sites are aimed towards exploring the key issues in the management, control and use of Knowledge Capital.

For more information on Knowledge Management, please contact us."

Knowledge Management "Killer Apps"

Mostly in French. Appears to be a general description, offering a few links.

Knowledge Management Links: (Ann Macintosh: Commercial Director, Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (United Kingodm))

This site gives a good overview of the knowledge management field and its issues. It includes links to related websites, applications, tools, references, mailing lists, and events. You can also check out more information at the related Corporate Knowledge Management Survey .

Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning (from The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), UK)

Extensive listing of articles and bibliographis on the web, companies, tools, and related topics. Listing does not include summaries or explanations of most sites.

Knowledge Management Products

Knowledge Management Reference Sites (as of Sep 30, 2000, last updated June 17, 1998)

Knowledge Management Resources

"The following sites, listed alphabetically, are ones that offer users either basic information on Knowledge Management or cover specific topics which users will find useful."

The Knowledge Management Resource Center

Extensive and well-organized listings of a wide variety of knowledge management resources. Includes a bookstore.

Knowledge Mapping Tools

Meta Knowledge Management Portal

"The knowledge management portal for practitioners. researchers, and solution providers."

Organizational Learning (by John Paul Fullerton)

Organizational Learning and Cognition

"A selection of web-based resources on organizational learning, organizational cognition, information management, knowledge management, environment scanning, and scenario planning."

The Universal Manager: Supporting Management Development section

This site provides info on Knowledge Management and The Learning Organization geared for a middle management audience.fs

WWW Resources on Knowledge Management

Professors, Researchers, Lecturers, etc... (only a small, small sample!)

Researchers associated and affiliated with the Society for Organizational Learning . Most are from M.I.T.

Van de Ven, Andrew H.

"Vernon H. Heath Professor of Organizational Innovation and Change; Carlson School of Management; University of Minnesota."

Wegner, Etienne , Ph.D.

"Knowledge Ecology University: Etienne Wenger is a leader in the field of learning theory and its applications. He is a pioneer of the "communities of practice" research.

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